No-Blend High Protein Yogurt Bowl

This is my guilt-free go-to for those times I'm in a hurry, really want something sweet and chewy to satisfy my cravings + hunger, but don’t want either icy cold or to blend. I chose chocolate and banana for today’s afternoon snack but the other morning it was vanilla and blueberries.

Why add protein to my yogurt? Because many nondairy yogurts tend to contain little to no protein whatsoever. The yogurt brand I used had only 5g but I wanted at least 10g to help keep me full. By adding just half a scoop of GN rice protein, I’m getting a snack with at least 12 g of protein. And the protein helps offset the sugar content, so I don’t get a blood sugar rush (followed by a blood sugar crash). The other benefit is that the yogurt helps smooth out the protein powder. A win win!


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