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I personally use the Growing Naturals organic rice protein as an important part of my daily protein source, and furthermore highly recommend this product to my patients. Even my 2.5 year old son loves the protein shakes I make with this rice protein.
Dr. Anders Jelvéus, Miami
I’ve tried so many protein powders out there & have found them to be either gritty & they upset my stomach. Months ago I tried the three quality brown rice protein powders that are out & have found this to be the best. I been buying ever since. It’s the only one that is organic, 90% Rice Protein Isolate & is dairy, lactose, soy, corn and gluten free. Compared to whey, it has a great amino acid profile. I was also looking for a higher Lysine level in comparison to Arginine which this has. Above all of this, I really love the taste and texture. It’s very smooth, not chalky at all and has 24 grams of vegan protein, sweetened w/a small amt of stevia. I especially love the chocolate, blended w/almond milk, some fruit, & alittle extra stevia. I deal w/stomach problems & every other quality vegan protein powders other than brown rice, have caused me problems and I drink this every day. I couldn’t tolerate the Whey or Green Pea & Brown rice ones as I experienced alot of bloating, etc. The last thing to point out is that this company offers a one pound bag where as the other companies only offer 2 pound bags and are more expensive. For me the taste of this one was the best.

6/20/13 Still love this protein powder. Wanted to add at times I like a deeper chocolate flavor, so I add Navitas Raw Cacao Powder. It’s organic, gluten free, and a superfood. Also available on Amazon.

Now sure what the previous reviewer talking about. There is no “whey” in this Brown Rice protein.

Reasons why I love Growing Naturals Protein:

1. Its Organic !!
2. Its NON-GMO even […] verified
3. It’s Vegan and gluten free.
4. It the smoothest protein powder ever, I can’t stand the grit in other brands.
5. It taste sweet with natural organic stevia. I’ve only tried the Vanilla, wonder if the original is as SWEET.
6. Can i say it’s super smooth again, the powder is so fine you don’t even need a blender.
7 The brown rice is sprouted, so it’s the only rice protein isolate 90%
8. Sprouted Brown riceis easier on digestive system than other types like Hemp.
8. Love the Amazon subscribe & ship extra 15% discount, best thing ever

Go to growingnatural.com website read more about it.

Louise G.
I have been using this protein powder for over a year now. It is my favorite. It has a whopping 24 grams of protein in one serving. It is organic, vegan, and it’s not too sweet. I use it to make my protein smoothies in the morning. It tastes good, and leaves me full. I blend a cup of almond milk, one scoop of Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein, a bunch of spinach or kale, half cup of frozen berries, 1 TBS raw almond butter, 1 TBS of coconut oil and 1 TBS of chia seeds. Delicious!
M. Brown
I have used several rice proteins over the years, and this is the best! Dissolves really well, very smooth (not gritty at all!). And it is organic. It is fantastic! Worth the price.
Rocky B.
I needed to add more protein to my diet, and as a vegan I can’t just find in traditional ways that omnivores would. Growing Naturals was recommended to me by a friend. The flavor is delicious in smoothies. It is not overly sweet (as I think a product like Vega tends to be). It is raw and best of all you can cook with it. So if you like to make foods that include a boost of protein I would recommend this product to you.

On top of that the powder blends really nicely into almond milk, juice, etc and you don’t have a gritty texture when drinking it.

All of that said I give Growing Naturals my stamp of approval and will share their brand with family, friends, co-workers, and perfect strangers 🙂

I’ve used this protein powder and their chocolate rice protein for awhile. They both taste amazing. Because I don’t care for watery protein shakes–too diet-tasting–I add a 1/4 avocado in mine. It makes it tast and feel really rich and creamy like I’m cheating. Best to pre-cut the avocados when you freeze the leftovers for future shakes. 🙂
I have known for years that I was lactose intolerant but I didn’t realize that even the yogurt I was eating in the morning was causing me problems…as part of a diet to lose weight I stopped eating all dairy and replaced my morning yogurt with this pea protein mixed with half water and half Almond milk and fresh fruit. Well, just by stopping all dairy made such a big different in my health and my weight that I am now drinking this every morning and have gotten my husband drinking it also. I now add a the rice protein in the mix also. It is very filling and has a great taste. I have tried several other brands and ended up just throwing them out since they were so chalky that even putting fruit or other things in them didn’t help.
I knew I needed to switch away from whey protein powder because every time I mixed it into a shake I just didn’t feel that well. Although I’m not lactose intolerant, I just always felt a little gassy and bloated. I ordered this Pea Protein product and have used it to make about 8-10 smoothies. Voila, no more grumbling or slightly nauseous feeling, those symptoms are gone. So, if you want to experiment and change your protein, give this one a try. Mixed with fruit and coconut or almond milk plus a little stevia, you have a good tasting pick me up.
I always add about a 1/2 of filtered water or else the smoothie is too thick to my liking.
Darren S.
I am a 26 year old female who in the past used whey protein as a supplement. After reading Dr. Wu’s book ”Feed your face” it came to my concern that Whey Protein can act as a ”natural” steroid for women and also it is derived from dairy (you know dairy is bad for your skin), so no wonder I used to get pimples so bad!. Whey protein is great though, but maybe it was designed for men. So that’s when I decided to switch to something dairy-free, but still with some flavor and not very high in sodium and sugar. I looked the pea protein but no matter what brand they had huge amounts of sodium per serving… huge! (you can compare, if you dont believe me) so I looked at rice protein instead and found this brand to have good ingredients so I decided to give it a shot.
I always use almond milk for my shakes, and usually add half a banana to it. Guess what? The flavour is great. It’s not disgusting, and it’s not very sweet. A little bit brownish but that’s just the color of the powder, whatever! I have noticed a great improvement in my skin after a month of going dairy free. So try it… almond milk + 1/2 banana + little cinammon. It tastes great! A GREAT OPTION FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO HAVE A HEALTHIER LIFE…
Erik C.
Luv vanilla and chocolate GN rice protein straight out the bag for me. I had 4 packets last night OMG! My kids laugh at me eating it straight out the packet sooooo yummy. My kids mix with almond milk.
Jodi K.
I was always able to taste the chemicals in protein powders so I never really liked any protein powders. I just forced myself to chug them after a workout. [GN chocolate rice protein is] different! I don’t have to hold my nose and chug. It’s great.– It’s affordable, high in protein, vegan, and tastes like pudding!
Jessica W., Registered Dietitian