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 Growing Naturals Dietitian Nutritionist

As Growing Naturals’ in-house product specialist and nutrition expert, Scarlett Full, MS, RDN is available to answer most questions you might have. Whether it deals with product benefits, ingredients, or your shopping experience, our Registered Dietitian can help! 


Customer Service

Phone: (888) 572-5827
Customer Service Ext. 1010
Mon-Fri 7am-3pm PST

If you catch us after our business hours, please leave a message and one of us will call you back. We promise.


Corporate Address:

13428 Maxella Ave., Ste. 471,
Marina Del Rey, CA. 90292


Looking to buy GN at a local store?

You’ll find GN proteins in thousands of locations across the U.S. but here are a few of our favorite retail partners carrying an assortment of GN products.

retail locations growing naturals rice and pea protein powder

Have you seen GN in other chains?
Let us know by posting a photo with #growingnaturals and we’ll share with others, or email us at

Wishing it was carried at your favorite retailer?
Let the manager/owner know (they often will place a special order) or email us at with all the details.

Bummed you can’t find GN Rice Protein at Sprouts?
We are too. If you have been buying your rice protein at Sprouts, give us a shout at and we may have a solution for you.


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Looking for International Retailers or Shipping?

We wish our products were sold worldwide but unfortunately due to shipping regulations it is near impossible and incredibly expensive for us to ship product to international individuals. We need your help reaching out to and requesting that they start selling our products internationally because we get a lot of requests from Australia to Germany and more. The more requests they receive the more likely they will carry and ship our product internationally:

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