About Us


Our Story

Founded in 2009, Growing Naturals, LLC is employee-owned by a group of visionaries who believe in nourishing the planet through powerful plant proteins. We are a team of food scientists, nutrition and plant protein experts, representing a wide range of diet lifestyles and living what we preach — at the office and at home. Each of us is personally nourished by Growing Naturals products; supplementing our active lifestyles and health goals, along with our friends and families.


Growing Naturals was formed to bring the finest in all-inclusive plant-based nutrition direct to you. The key was tapping into the perfect partner in ingredient innovation — Axiom Foods, the industry leader in plant protein fractioning and quality control from seed to table. The self-funded Growing Naturals team has remained committed to non-GMO, allergen-friendly, Vegan products with clean labels. The foundation for all Growing Naturals products includes uniquely certified, clinically tested and pure plant proteins. This includes organic Oryzatein® brown rice protein — the low-carb rice protein clinically tested and patented as good as whey for sports nutrition — and VegOtein™, the pea protein voted best tasting and best of raw.

Stay tuned as the story continues and other nutrition-packed, natural products for all people are incubating.


Our Mission

Growing Naturals is passionate about fueling people who thoughtfully select what goes in their bodies, whether by choice or necessity. We are dedicated to ensuring each and every product is uniquely all-inclusive for people who both care about what’s in their nutrition products as much as what’s not in them, and care about how the products make them feel. Through expert-driven education and clinical trials, Growing Naturals' long-term mission is to help the world embrace the facts that: filling your daily protein gap is critical for healthy life, and that plant-based protein is as good or better choice than animal-based whey protein.