Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Smoothie

Craving a slice of cheesecake but wincing at the thought of all the fat and sugar? There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a sliver of cream-cheesey goodness every once in a while, but if you have a sweet tooth like mine, a sliver doesn’t always cut it! Or perhaps you’re trying to make healthy choices (most of the time) and feel good about the food you put in your body. Either way, this recipe is just for you! After all, who doesn’t want dessert as their meal?

Unlike a regular piece of cheesecake (with zero protein and fiber), this smoothie contains 29 grams of protein and 5.4 grams of fiber to keep you satisfied and fueled for a long time. Also, most of the sugar is from the strawberries, rather than the processed white stuff and the fat content is significantly reduced.

This recipe is gluten-free and can be made vegan and dairy-free by substituting the greek yogurt for a dairy-free version.


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