Real Talk with Anna Sward: How to Indulge Without Guilt this Thanksgiving

My top tip for indulging in foods you like without feeling guilty on or around Thanksgiving is to--make healthier versions of the foods you crave! Instead of avoiding cookies altogether in your quest to maintain your weight during the holiday season, make some nutritious and delicious high-protein cookies. Take them with you to a family event or dinner party . If you're craving pumpkin pie, make a high protein version and serve that instead. The point is not to feel deprived at all, and to enjoy all the wonderful flavors the holiday season has to offer :-). Check my website Protein Pow, the recipe section at Growing Naturals, or even Pinterest for ideas on how to make your fav (not-so nutritious) foods more nutritious.

Speaking of foods people crave, here's a great idea for all those turkey leftovers. Take for example this bread right here. It was fantastic!!!!! Moist, bread-y, and absolutely perfect for my filling of mayo and turkey.

Protein Bread

turkey sandwich Ingredients:

By: Anna Sward of Protein Pow

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