Ideas to Reuse or Repurpose Plastic Protein Canisters

If you're an avid protein powder user and conscious about the environment, you may find yourself wondering what to do with all your empty protein containers. While many plastic protein containers are recyclable (including Growing Naturals), you may want to take it up a notch by upcycling your canisters instead.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the practice of reusing or repurposing your item for something different than originally intended.

So, what can you do with old protein canisters? Here are 4 simple ideas to reuse protein powder containers:

Make it into a dry goods storage container

Canisters make great dry good containers in your pantry from nuts to seeds and even flours, especially if you buy these items in bulk and need containers anyway. You can repurpose the canister by removing the label and painting a base color to your liking. You can also glue colored construction paper over the old label. Then get creative and draw or use letter stickers or markers to write the name of the contents to plan to put in there. You can even reuse the scoops to help scoop out your dry goods. 

repurpose old protein canister

Make a planter or vase out of it

Whether you are repotting a plant or need someplace to put flowers in, a plastic canister makes a great earth-friendly choice! Or how about gifting plant cuttings for a house warming or hostess gift? Whatever the occasion, wrap and glue some burlap over the plastic for a natural/rustic look and add the finishing touch with a bow made from twine or raffia. This goes without saying you can use any scrap fabric of choice to give it your own personal touch. 

Use it to organize items on your desk or craft room

If you're really into crafts or DIY projects then you might need some cute canisters to help get all your supplies organized. Instead of painting or covering the canister with construction paper, take some yarn of choice and wrap it around the canister to create texture and even different layers of colors like in the example below. Make sure to wrap tightly and glue the beginning and end of the yarn to help it stay in place. Get creative using different colors or types of yarn. 

protein canister upcycling repurpose

Use the lid to grow microgreens on 

Protein canister lids are the perfect size to grow a small patch of your very own homegrown microgreens, like the wheatgrass shown below. Microgreens can be grown with or hydroponically (without soil and just water). If you're interested in growing microgreens, check out Gardening Channel's instructions here.

And there you have it. These are just a few ideas for upcycling plastic protein canisters.

We'd love to see your ideas! Please email them to us at or share them to social media tagging @GrowingNaturalsProtein #GrowingNaturals and #upcycle.

Happy upcycling! 

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