The 1lb vanilla rice proteins in the Vanilla Lover's Bundle (under current promotion) have a November 2023 Best By date--BUT protein powder isn't like dairy milk that curdles and spoils right at the expiration date.

Rice and Pea protein powders are extremely shelf stable and can be safe to consume at least 6-12 months past the date printed on the bottom (as long as they're properly stored in a cool, dry place!)

Then why not extend the date printed on the bottom?

Truth be told, the industry standard is to test shelf life for two years. And what we know is that at 2 years, both rice and pea protein have tested normal and safe under all parameters. And all of our team members use GN protein powders past "the date" with ZERO issues.

Then how do I know when it's really expired?

Obvious signs that the protein has truly expired include bitter taste, clumping/caking, and ‘off’ smell. So if the protein is past the best by date but does not have any of the obvious signs of expiration, it is OK and safe to consume.

As usual, when in doubt, toss it out.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Scarlett our in-house Registered Dietitian to