Setting Fitness Goals Using the Awesome Power of the Mind

Creating a goal, fitness-related or otherwise, requires diligence and dedication in order to see it through. Harnessing the power of the mind is the only way to make this happen, as our minds have the ability to push us beyond our physical limits to finish the race, do that last push-up, complete the recommended number of reps. Natural health chain Growing Naturals is all about inspiring customers to be better, inside and out, which beget the GN Summer Fit Monthly Challenge Contest. The challenge for June involves the power of setting goals and using the mind to reach them. Staff at Growing Naturals want to challenge anyone and everyone to “declare your fitness goal and keep it.” Goals are posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #GNFitChallenge for a chance to win a $200 Spa Finder gift card. Posts may include pictures or videos. So why not say yes to this fantastic challenge and use your mind to help get you there? The Incredible Power of the Mind It is the mind that allows us to reach our goals or not. If the mind gives up, the body follows. You either decide to collapse (literally as well as figuratively when it comes to fitness), or press on. The choice is always there, and choosing to push yourself and reach your goal results in fantastic feelings of accomplishment. Giving up on a challenge generally causes a slew of negative thoughts, and subsequently an unhappy mindset. Testing yourself by setting a fitness goal and using the mind to help you accomplish it is an excellent way to build a better relationship with the mind, as you’ll have demonstrated exactly what it/you can do. Starting Small Using your mind to help you reach your fitness goals doesn’t equal a long, tortuous process. There’s no harm in starting on a smaller scale and creating larger goals for yourself once you accomplish what you wanted. Reaching small goals gives you the confidence boost you need to try for more difficult goals, and helps condition the mind. Training your mind to become used to setting and reaching fitness goals is entirely possible, and subsequently helps you accomplish tasks in other areas of your life, as the confidence already exists. A Personal Trainer Think of your mind as your ultimate personal trainer. It’s there at any time to motivate and push, and make it possible to take another lap or do that last arm curl. Train yourself to think motivating thoughts while exercising instead of “I’ll never do this,” “I can’t possibly do another sit-up,” “How will I ever reach the finish line?”, and so on. Let your mind push you even when you’re at your breaking point, and enjoy the beautiful feelings that result. Use your mind as a motivating force, not a proverbial road block! Take up the GN Summer Fit Monthly Challenge today and get ready to change your mind, your body, and your life. For more on changing your mind and changing your life, please contact me at A Life to Live By: Shirley Polak, Mind Coach

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