How Do You Power Up Your Breakfast

This week’s Winter Weight Challenge tips come from health and fitness guru, Brittany Trentham of Keeping it real for “Healthy Weight Week”, these tips are basic and easy to implement into your lifestyle. And remember, don’t skip breakfast! How do you power up your breakfast? Smoothies, power bowls, protein pancakes? All this week show us how – post your pics, with #GNFitChallenge, to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be entered to win this week’s Winter Weight Challenge prize pack – The entire Growing Naturals line of protein powders and Rice Drinks! Make it an awesome week! January 20, 2015

Brittany’s Tips for Health

Drink more water. Lots of times we think we are hungry, but really we are just thirsty. Plus, when we are even a tiny bit dehydrated it impares digestion, cognitive function, and physical performance. Plus, the extra sugar and caffeine in other drinks does us no favors! Have a plan. What’s the saying… Fail to plan, plan to fail? Meal planning has been huge for us. When I have a plan, I am much more likely to stick with it. Plus, you don’t waste money buying things that go to waste, or things you don’t need for the week. Make extra for healthy lunches. This has been a life saver for me since our Baby Delight came along. I just make extra dinner to have for lunch the next day. Plus, it keeps you accountable to cook dinner so you aren't eating out for 2 meals! Schedule fitness. You schedule meetings, lunches, dentist appointments, so why not fitness? Make it like an appointment that way you are sure to make time for it. Even better, if you have a friend doing it with you it is extra motivation! For more motivation, you can check out my 10 Tips to Get or Stay Motivated to Exercise. What's your why? Find activities you love… and stick with it! Find things you love to do. Not a runner? Try group classes, spin, yoga, body pump, the options are limitless. Once you find what you like to do, schedule it in! Too cold to go for a walk? Find fitness DVDs you like or workouts on Pinterest you can do at home! Involve your kids and family. I love going to for walks with my family. I can’t wait to involve Baby Delight in my fitness routine once he gets bigger. Playing soccer, throwing ball, chasing him around the yard….. it is all fitness. It helps you stay active, and models good habits for your family. Check out these 5 New Mom Fitness Tips. Eat breakfast! Starting your day off right with a healthy and protein rich breakfast will set you up for the rest of the day. It sparks your metabolism, and it keeps hunger and snacking at bay. Plus, studies show that people who eat breakfast maintain a healthy body weight easier than those who do not! Brittany’s recipes for protein powering your day!

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