Twisting Yoga Poses for a Better Posture, Balance & Core

Twist all the bad stuff out, so that you can let all the good stuff in! Twisting yoga poses are hard! They are challenging poses that can leave us physically feeling frustrated and unbalanced. They also can leave us feeling emotionally angry and upset.

All of these physical and emotional side effects are totally normal and you should feel this way, because twisting yoga poses are all about releasing the toxins. Below are some of my favorite twisting yoga poses that help me twist out the bad stuff, so that I become more open physically and emotionally, to let the positive energy in.

These poses help strengthen, stretch, and improve my balance, posture, and core. All of these poses are also beneficial to my other activities that I participate in, especially now that I am running outside more and increasing my mileage. I hope that you will try to incorporate these twisting poses into your next practice! Enjoy!

1. Kneeling Twisting Lunge with Quad Stretch

2. Triangle

3. Lunge With Twist

4. Seated Twist

By: Kathleen Uhran, Yogi, Chef, Trainer & Creator of ACKtivelife

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