Boost Your Veggie Juice With GN Plant Proteins

Whether pressed, centrifuged or masticated, juicing continues to be one of the hottest health trends around. Juices made from combinations of fruits, vegetables and greens can be extremely nutritionally beneficial considering the volume of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals supplied to your system—especially if your body is not accustomed to this regularly. Not surprisingly, people anecdotally feel more energized and renewed after juicing, although there is currently no scientific evidence tied to these claims. Sporadically, juicing is a great addition to a healthy, balanced lifestyle as it provides a convenient and often times more delicious way to consume vegetables--particularly for those who have difficulty consuming the recommended daily allowances of whole fruits and vegetables.

The Problem with Juices

The problem is traditional juices are stripped of beneficial fiber content which can otherwise help to keep you full and minimize the impact on your blood sugar. They also lack in essential macronutrients, protein and fat, and are thus unsuitable to sustain life as a sole source of nourishment. Therefore, prolonged juicing, or juice-based diets used for “detoxing” or weight loss can be unsafe to health as they can result in fatigue, reduced immunity, muscle loss, and slowed metabolism!

The Solution

Growing Naturals’ plant-based proteins are a great complement to your juicing regime and can help to enhance its nutritional benefits. While keeping your juice plant-based, GN rice or pea protein can help to regulate blood sugar and insulin spikes, which can be caused by the juice alone (especially if high in fruit). This will help to avoid any drops in energy and “false” hunger pangs, which can otherwise lead to overeating. Adding protein to your juice would also help to make it more satisfying by keeping you full for longer. With the bulk removed, juices are quick to be absorbed, leaving you hungry again after a very short time. Finally, since some nutrients are best absorbed in the presence of others, the protein will enhance the overall absorption of nutrients.

When should I add GN protein to my juice?

Add protein to any of your juices, but especially if you intend to replace a meal with it. Aside from the above benefits, protein powder is a convenient means of filling your daily protein requirements. You might also highly consider adding protein to a juice-based diet, as it will help to preserve your muscle mass and ensure normal body function. To learn more about the functions and benefits of protein, please read

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