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our story

Founded in 2009, Growing Naturals, LLC is privately owned by a group of visionaries who believe in natural, healthy nutrition.

  • The sister company, Axiom Foods, was created to develop, manufacture and sell unique, proprietary plant protein extracts to the food, beverage, and sports nutrition industries.  It soon became the largest producer of Oryzatein brown rice protein in the world, as it carefully manages quality control from seed to table.
  • Growing Naturals was formed to tap into Axiom’s innovations and bring the finest in all-inclusive plant-based nutrition direct to you.
  • Growing Naturals has remained committed to non-GMO products with clean labels, as the brown rice protein led to raw patented pea protein, plus other plant proteins in development.
  • The extraction of beneficial ingredients from plants then led to household detergents powered by Himalyan-grown, organic non-GMO soapberries.  Starting with laundry detergents for the whole family or just for baby, soon other detergents will follow including a multi-surface cleaner.
  • The story continues as other nutrition-packed, natural products for all people are incubating.

our mission

Growing Naturals is about products for people who thoughtfully select what goes in and on their bodies, whether by choice or necessity. Our Growing Naturals nutrition products, featuring pure plant protein power, plus our household cleaners powered by soapberries are uniquely all-inclusive for people who are avoiding irritants or looking for the most natural and beneficial options.

Team Growing Naturals is committed to developing and clinically testing a continuously growing, high-quality line of plant-based products increasingly available through natural, specialty, drug and grocery stores.  Through education of applications and benefits to every individuals life, Growing Naturals long-term mission is to cross-over plant-based products into households across the world.