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Believe it or not, your body requires energy to perform basic daily functions like breathing, sleeping, eating, brushing your teeth, shopping for groceries and getting through the day. It also needs energy for physical activities like walking, dancing and surfing. This energy is in the form of Calories (kcals) and calories are found in food. Consuming the right amount of calories from food is necessary to maintain your body weight. This is known as energy (or calorie) balance. Energy balance during your lifespan is key to weight management.

Although you cannot control the calories burned during sleep or breathing, you can control what you eat and drink as well as the amount of physical activity you perform. Here is how energy balance works:

Diet and exercise are the basic components of weight management. However, other aspects in life such as stress management, sleep, and mental health will also contribute to your overall health and impact the success of weight management.

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