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Nutrition On-the-Go

Pressed for time? Not only are these recipes quick to make (less than 10 minutes!), they are loaded with superfoods that are sure to satisfy your hunger and health.   Better yet, you can enjoy these on-the-go!


Keto Avo Green Smoothie

Ingredients 1/3 ripened hass avocado (frozen preferably) 1 cup or large handful of fresh kale or spinach 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (can substitute with [...]


Coconut Acai Bowl

This classic acai bowl is paired with coconut and powered with 21g plant protein. Acai berries super healthy and loaded with antioxidants to help your [...]


Iced Vanilla Cinnamon Frappe

Ingredients 1 cup ice 1.5 scoops Growing Naturals Premium vanilla rice protein (can use vanilla pea protein)* 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp nutmeg 1 tsp ginger [...]