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Scarlett Full


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Scarlett Full is Growing Naturals’ very own in-house Dietitian. She graduated from Florida International University with a Masters in Dietetics & Nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian specializing in nutrition communications and product development. She is dedicated to filling the scientific and nutritional gap between nature’s raw materials and edible consumer goods. Her love for food and nutrition has set the ideal platform for making food products that are good for you–from farm to shelf.

Scarlett is passionate about empowering consumers to make their own health conscious decisions by providing them with objective, up-to-date evidenced-based nutrition information. She also loves painting, crafting, coffee, cooking and the outdoors :).

As Growing Natural’s food and nutrition expert, Scarlett is available to answer customer questions by email ( or twitter (@GrowingNatRD).

I love answering customers' nutrition-related questions! It's easy to become overwhelmed and confused about nutrition with all the misinformation (and opinions) out there. So knowing that I helped someone gain a more educated insight about nutrition in general or just correcting any misconceptions they might've had is a great feeling 🙂

You can find Scarlett Full here:

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