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RussAs the only vegan pro beach volleyball player, Russ Marchewka has become passionate about spreading healthy philosophies to other players, fans and now the world at large with his new book, The Winter Wellness Diet.

“Over the past 7 years I’ve made it my life to study what makes us healthier and live longer. It’s not about converting people to my lifestyle, it’s all about inspiring others to make healthier, informed choices for themselves and the planet.”

RussRuss’ first book provides the basic foundations of health and nutrition all year round. Whether it’s cold or hot, there are basic metabolic principles of the body that can be exploited for a healthier, leaner you. Not everybody can play sports at a world class level, but they can achieve a world class body and feeling of vitality by taking a few minutes to read this book.

Pioneering the “casual conversation” about health and wellness, Russ doesn’t talk down to his readers. Simply stated, reading his blog or his book, the reader feels like they are engaged in a face to face conversation. Citing medical studies, reports and research when appropriate, the reader finds themselves educated and inspired to take small steps towards a healthier and greener life.

“There are several companies in the health and nutrition industry that set themselves apart from the crowd. I mentioned many of them in this book, none who pay me any kind of endorsement for the recommendation. I wanted to make my book available as a free download to those companies making a real difference in the world. For a limited amount of time Growing Naturals fans and associates can enjoy this book as a free gift and my thanks to you for inspiring me.”

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