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Rachel Yarger

Wellness and Natural Lifestyle Expert

Rachel Yarger is an award winning NPC Bikini Competitor. She is an advocate for a compassionate, plant based diet. As a vegan bodybuilder, she takes great pride in showing others that you can build muscle without animal derived products. Rachel’s passion is to inspire others to incorporate fitness and a plant based diet into their daily lives.

“People are often hesitant about converting to a vegan diet. They are afraid it will be difficult to shop, cook, and eat out. I want to show them that plant based foods are easy and delicious and can give you more energy so you can train harder.”

Rachel works full time as a director of project management in the biotech industry. When not training for her next competition, you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors, running the trails of central Texas, hiking, or kayaking. She is also an activist for for animal welfare in Texas.

Since I use protein powder several times a day to fuel my training and recovery, it’s important that it be easy on my stomach as well as taste good. Growing Naturals’ Rice Protein Powder gives me the protein I need, tastes great, and is easy to digest. My whole family uses it.

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