Muscle Bites

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Project Description

Muscle BitesThis makes enough for about 10-15 bites depending on how big you roll them



Blend all of these ingredients in a food processor…if it is too thick just add a drizzle of plant milk such as almond or coconut to a good consistency. when you are done you can start rolling them into bite size balls. I chose to roll these in raw cacao nibs and unsweetened shredded coconut. You can also enjoy then just as they are!  They are a delicious snack to power you up!  Depending on the size I will usually have 2-3 as a snack paired up with a piece of fruit or a simple green smoothie. enjoy!


Approximately (in 2 out of 12 balls): 9g protein/ 22g sugar/ 26g carb/ 0.2g fat/ 2.6g fiber/ 132 calories

Recipe courtesy of Kelly Itsell at Fitness You Can Live With

Muscle Bites recipe video at the Natural Products Expo

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