Healthy Peach Cobbler Smoothie

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Healthy Peach Cobbler SmoothieAh, nothing like juicy summer peaches. Or pie for that matter!

This healthy spin on the classic southern dessert is sure to satisfy and curb your sweet tooth while nourishing your body, too!  Instead of most of the calories coming from flour, table sugar and butter–this recipe boasts at least 5 times more protein, twice the fiber, and half the sugar of a regular slice of peach cobbler pie.

Makes 2 servings


**for a lower carb, lower calorie option, omit the rolled oats and use unsweetened milk of choice


Place all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth. Add water as needed for a thinner consistency. Pour and enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Scarlett Full, in-house Registered Dietitian

Approximately (per serving, with oats): 27g protein/ 27g sugar/ 47g carbs/ 6.3g fat/ 6.7g fiber/ 340 calories 


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