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Dr. Steve Nenninger


ND (CT), NMD (CA & AZ), CDN (NY)

A licensed Naturopathic Physician/Medical Doctor/Nutritionist specializing in natural medicine for Colitis, Dr. Steve Nenninger finds it interesting and a great challenge to solve the puzzle of why people are sick. He first started working on the puzzle when he was sick and wished there was someone who could have gone on the journey with him.

Dr. Nenninger believes that that far too often patients are willing to make it their fault which he has never found. Answers have become clearer with research and four years of naturopathic medical school. Others skills have been acquired with 15 years of practice in two full clinics, being a Dad, growing a business, and group therapy. He is proud to continue his pursuit of knowledge and that his practice changes with that knowledge. His books and articles and blog are available on his website www.SteveNenninger.com or at Amazon.

You can find Dr. Steve Nenninger here:

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Dr. Steve Nenninger
Natural Medicine for Colitis
Port Jefferson, Manhattan, Phoenix
109 Randall Avenue
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Email: SteveNenninger@GMail.com

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