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Dr. Anders Jelvéus


DN, Lac, leg. Naprapat, MTOM, CMT

Born and raised in Sweden, Dr. Anders Jelvéus was introduced to healing arts early as a child. His first formal training in the field started in 1984 at Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut, Scandinavia’s oldest and most prestigious massage school. He earned a Doctorate in Naprapathy from the Scandinavian College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine in Sweden, and completed 800 hours of theoretical and practical Sports Psychology studies from Örebro University, Sweden. Dr. Anders also holds a Masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Emperors College in California, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He is additionally a published author at Elsevier publishing house with his book “Integrated Sports Massage Therapy,” and has previously served on the international editorial advisory board for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy.Anders clinical expertise is foremost in Sports/Orthopedic and soft-tissue injuries, but he also has great experience in treating a vast variety of other ailments. He believes in the importance of finding the root cause of any problem, instead of merely concentrating on symptoms, and his work has consequently a holistic focus, including physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects of health.

Currently Dr. Anders Jelvéus is active as a licensed Acupuncturist, and expert in manual therapies at his clinic in Los Angeles. He works with patients requesting his help, including; Olympic athletes, and professionals in the music & entertainment industry.

Dr. Anders is also an internationally respected teacher of manual therapies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.His free time, Dr. Anders spends with his wife and son, and he is additionally highly active in the local GUE technical scuba diving community both as a diver and supporter of efforts to conserve the ocean.

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Dr. Anders Jelvéus, DN, LAc, leg. Naprapat, MTOM, CMT
Swedish Health Institute
8315 Beverly Blvd, Suite 206
Los Angeles CA 90048

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