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Dr. Blythe Metz

Wellness and Natural Lifestyle Expert

Blythe Metz is an accomplished writer, lifestyle personality and eco-entrepreneur. Metz, in partnership with WyTV, launched a weekly 1 hour live show focusing on quick and easy raw food recipes, raw beauty treatments, and environmental education.

Metz’s passion for natural wellness inspired her to create a line of 100% organic and wild crafted essential oils and body butters. Metz believes plants are our intended medicine. She is dedicated to teaching people how to use plants to enhance health and happiness in every way. Metz is a big supporter of organic farming and educates her global community about the everyday matters concerning them.

Metz wrote a book called The SuperNatural Green Diet, 99 Recipes for WeightLoss and Anti-aging, available on www.blytheRaw.com.

Metz holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences from University of Metaphysical Sciences and is currently earning her PH.D in the same field. Metz also is an actress, starring in several independent feature films.

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