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Betsy Lynn Mendel


Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Betsy Lynn Mendel hit the track running, literally. “Growing up near Emory University, I used to run the track after school as a way to clear my head and keep my body in shape. It’s what got me hooked on working out.”

“Growing up in the South at that time, there weren’t as many opportunities for athletic girls. It wasn’t as ‘hip’ as it is today. In my senior year of high school, a girl’s cross-country team was formed, and my older brother coaxed me into joining. I loved the team’s camaraderie and the grueling workouts.” Betsy spent the next several years running road races. She completed the infamous Peachtree Road Race many times, and in 2006 completed her first triathlon. Then, the fitness boom hit and she discovered that this was her calling.

Betsy began to realize the importance of taking care of the body from the inside out. Going vegan is not as esoteric as it once was, thanks to people like Woody Harrelson, Alicia Silverstone, and now former President Bill Clinton, who developed heart problems and at the request of his surgeons became a recent vegan who lost 20 pounds just before his daughter’s wedding.

After arriving in Los Angeles from Atlanta in 1996, Betsy fell in love with the sunny climate of ‘Tinseltown’, and found it the perfect place to indulge her fanatic workout habits in the great outdoors. From hiking, biking, the 4th street stairs, the UCLA bleachers, to Power Yoga (which she was introduced to 14 years ago), she finds L.A. the perfect place to enjoy her love of fitness!!

In 1999, Betsy decided it was time to share her passion with others. She earned her A.F.A.A. certification and started teaching boot camp classes for Beverly Hills Parks and Recreation, as well as taking on private clients. She has also worked for Equinox, where she earned her E.F.T.I. personal trainer certification.

Betsy’s client list has grown tremendously over the years and ranges from 20 something’s that want to get into shape, to 80 year olds who realize the importance of staying flexible and healthy as they get older, to everyone else in between. She prides herself on custom tailoring every workout to fit her client’s goals, fitness level and needs. Every client is different and every workout is different.
“My philosophy is simple: Get up, get out and get moving! Move your body and I promise you will feel better, sleep sounder and eat healthier. It all comes together….it’s not rocket science. I do not believe in making aesthetics the end all and be all of working out. Looking better is a side effect…and a great one at that. To me, the way you feel after a workout, is the biggest benefit. I have clients who tell me how much they dread working out, but at the end of the workout they say how great they feel. To me, feeling great is really what it’s all about…The rest are fringe benefits.”

At a time when most people at Betsy’s age and stage in life are starting to feel like they are “over the hill”, Betsy is running up and down that proverbial hill, just for the fun of it…..


I started following a vegetarian diet in my twenties and have been following a vegan diet for over half my life now. People never believe me when I tell them my age. I truly believe it is the fountain of youth. I don’t push my eating choices on my clients, but I do educate them on the advantages of moving toward a plant-based diet.

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