Premium Organic Brown Rice Protein

NEW PREMIUM Organic Brown Rice Protein

The Protein Evolution is here! Now infused with premium flavors, the low carb, organic rice protein is a more awesome taste experience. Packed with essential amino acids it is still the most allergen-friendly protein you'll find -- just better. Check out how many servings you get and so much more. New 15g protein scoops fit what most people are looking for to fill their protein gap. Just use 1-1/2 scoops if you're going for 24g or 2 scoops for 30g. Always recognizable by the orange lid, the new look reflects how clean and pure we're committed to keeping our rice and pea proteins. What hasn’t changed is how easily digested and effective this organic rice protein is. As a matter of fact, recent clinical studies featuring UFC fighters have shown that this rice protein is as effective as whey protein at building strength and muscle plus helping recovery after exercise — but without the allergens, cholesterol or dairy-bloat.
There are plenty of reasons to get fueled up by Growing Naturals rice protein!
  • Smoother Taste & Delicious Flavor
  • 15 grams Vegan Protein per serving
  • Excellent Amino Acid Profile
  • Enzymatically Processed
  • Gluten Free (lab tested)
  • Low FODMAP
  • Soy & Corn-Free
  • Dairy & Lactose-Free
  • Low Sodium
  • Excellent Source of Iron
  • Easy to Digest
  • Naturally Cholesterol-Free
  • Star-K Kosher Certified
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"I personally use the Growing Naturals organic rice protein as an important part of my daily protein source, and furthermore highly recommend this product to my patients. Even my 2.5 year old son loves the protein shakes I make with this rice protein."

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Our Benefits Unleash the Possibilities

Great Whey Substitute: Rice protein that's been clinically shown to be as good as whey at building muscle. The Best Tasting Rice Protein: Infused with Premium Flavors Leading Gluten Free Charge: Only protein source endorsed by the Celiac Disease Foundation. Only Smooth Rice Protein: A chemical-free process creating a silkier texture, leaving consumers wanting more. Certified Organic: Consuming organic is part of a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Consistent Source of Energy

Preliminary data on rice protein has indicated that its absorption rate is "intermediate," being between that of whey (fast) and casein (slow). This steady supply of amino acids might help to extend the anabolic capacity of muscles if used post-workout. Despite these differences in kinetics, two studies to date have shown rice protein is able to provide the same athletic benefits as whey.
amino2 The benefits of rice protein don't fall far from that of it's source, brown rice. As an allergen-friendly food, brown rice owes much of its health benefits to the nutrients within each one of its layers. The one big difference, it is low in carbs! rice-amino-acid-profile
header-rice-chocolate INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC BROWN RICE PROTEIN, NATURAL FLAVORS, ORGANIC COCOA (PROCESSED WITH ALKALI), ORGANIC GUAR GUM, SEA SALT. Natural flavor not derived from corn, soy or gluten. I really like the chocolate rice protein powder a lot. I have a shake every day. I do appreciate the quality and being organic is important to me along w/being soy free, non-dairy, & gluten-free which is what I'm looking for. The other area I was looking at that was important was that your powder had a higher level of Lysine verses Arginine compared to others. It's good that you offer customers a 1 pound versus the 2 pounds that others offer since the price is high. I can tell you that I've tried other rice protein powders and I consider yours the best tasting. Thanks for making a wonderful product! I will be re-ordering. - Janice L. McDonald buy-this header-rice-vanilla INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC BROWN RICE PROTEIN, NATURAL FLAVORS, ORGANIC VANILLA FLAVOR, ORGANIC GUAR GUM, ORGANIC GUM ACACIA, ORGANIC RICE SYRUP SOLIDS, SEA SALT. Natural flavor not derived from corn, soy or gluten. I have researched and tried many, many of the nutritional powders in the market place and Growing Naturals Rice Protein Powder is incredible! Being a student of Naturopath, I recognize the advantage that protein from a live, organic sprouted source is ultimate. Being a martial artist, my body thanks me during the long, strenuous work outs for the vitality and energy I receive from the delicious smoothies I make with Growing Naturals. I am still sometimes amazed that my body is in far better condition and I can accomplish far more in work outs and in day to day life, than men and women 20 years younger than I. Growing Naturals works! - Theresa Alford, A Nutritional Guru buy-this riceprotein-originalflavor INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC BROWN RICE PROTEIN, ORGANIC RICE SYRUP SOLIDS, ORGANIC GUAR GUM. CONTAINS 1% OR LESS OF ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL AND GUM ACACIA. I try to eat healthy. My menus range from Vegan to Raw, Paleo, Fruititarian, Dairy Free and Gluten Free. With these variations it is super important to keep up with your bodies need for protein. Growing Naturals sent over their Rice protein Powder for review. We received both vanilla and chocolate flavor packs. Both flavors are absolutely delicious. I love it when stuff that is good for you tastes amazing. Blends smoothly and has no cholesterol is low in carbs and sugars. These guys use Organic Stevia as a sweetener. Available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Original. - Texas Kitchen buy-this For the most current information related to any one batch, please refer to that products label as our website is not updated as regularly as the labels themselves.