Never before, in my twenty eight years, had I had vanilla brown rice protein powder, not until Growing Naturals came along with theirs. All I can say is wow or, rather -> WOW! See, for some reason, I'd always paired brown rice protein powder with savory bread ingredients or with chocolate. I actually thought that chocolate was its best possible mate. Well, ha! because when vanilla walked into the room, the spotlight quickly shifted: brown rice protein pow had found its perfect match. The powder has an almost malty/nutty flavor and, while sweet, is not overwhelmingly so. Combined with nut milk, it makes a smooth paste instead of a mush or a lumpy kind of mix. All in all, ah, oh, oh, oh! -> it's delicious :-)))))))))))))- Anna, Protein Pow(d)er
I received the samples a couple days ago and tried the chocolate rice protein and rice milk powder so far -- they are delicious! I was expecting a gritty texture, like that of SunWarrior, but GN is smooth and creamy. I also didn't need to add any sweetener or blend it into a smoothie to make it taste good, like I have to do with SunWarrior. I will be trying out the vanilla protein soon and will think of some recipes to use GN products in.Thank you very much, I am very pleased with the products!- Jessica I have researched and tried many, many of the nutritional powders in the market place and Growing Naturals Rice Protein Isolate Powder in incredible! Being a student of Naturopath, I recognize the advantage that protein from a live, organic sprouted source is ultimate. Being a martial artist, my body thanks me during the long, strenuous work outs for the vitality and energy I receive from the delicious smoothies I make with Growing Naturals. I am still sometimes amazed that my body is in far better condition and I can accomplish far more in work outs and in day to day life, than men and women 20 years younger than I. Growing Naturals works!And the flavor? Wow. Who knew that one of these protein powders could taste so great. Lots of the supplemental powders out there just don't taste that great. This one is so enjoyable you will want it all the time. Having studied much on nutrition, I cringe at the thought of many people taking the whey and egg proteins to help their bodies, not realizing the potential long term toxic side effects some of these products could potentially have on them. (Be sure to read the e-book on this website by Dr. Steve Nenninger, NMD if you'd like to know more details on that.) I urge all of you for your bodies' sake and for your taste bud's sake to switch to Growing Naturals.- Theresa Alford, A Nutritional Guru Before Feb. of 2011, I lived a wonderful and adventurous life. I was very active and super healthy, enjoying life to the fullest possible.... On Feb. 9, 2011, I had a root canal that completely changed my life. Within hours of getting the root canal, I was in the hospital with three different bacterial infections in my body. Not knowing what was going on, I tried to get better, but things kept getting worse. I kept getting more bacterial infections and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, costochondritis, and Reynaud's phenomenon all within two months of the root canal. It did not stop there, I was now allergic to food, perfumes, anything that I put in my body. My life changed within the blink of an eye, all from a root canal, (which I ended up having extracted, hoping I would get better, but it did not happen.) To this day I am still dealing with severe health issues, and an now getting ready to be tested for M.S. My diet is very strict, (pretty much vegan, without any wheat, gluten, or dairy products what-so-ever.) I have been trying to find a protein supplement that does not contain harmful ingredients. After trying Growing Naturals’ samples, and was sure that I could tolerate them, I went to the natural health food store and bought it quite a few times. Both the pea and the rice were awesome! But I really enjoyed the Original rice the most, since I could make my own recipe by adding fruits and chia to it! There was no snacking or anything after having my morning shake, and I was full all day! I enjoyed them very much!- Christina from Brighton, MI. I personally use the Growing Naturals organic rice protein as an important part of my daily protein source, and furthermore highly recommend this product to my patients.Even my 2.5 year old son loves the protein shakes I make with this rice protein." - Dr. Anders Jelvéus Meet Our Guru Thank you for the vanilla rice protein. Patients really seem to like the new rice powder, even our most sensitive patients. This is wonderful.- HNNH I try to eat healthy. My menus range from Vegan to Raw, Paleo, Fruititarian, Dairy Free and Gluten Free. With these variations it is super important to keep up with your bodies need for protein. Growing Naturals sent over their Rice protein Isolate Powder for review. We received both vanilla and chocolate flavor packs. Both flavors are absolutely delicious. I love it when stuff that is good for you tastes amazing. Blends smoothly and has no cholesterol is low in carbs and sugars. These guys use Organic Stevia as a sweetener. Available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Original.- Texas Kitchen 5 Stars Delicious! "I just tried the Vanilla Blast and am very impressed with it. It's sweeter than I expected but not overly so. I used my blender bottle to shake it up very well and the texture was nice and smooth. Great nutritional profile and great taste. This will become a regular purchase for me. Highly recommended."- Diana J. I was introduced to a book called, The China Study. It is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted in the world. I've always used whey protein up until I read the study on the effects of casein. It was startling.I wanted something organic that didn't make a lot of ridiculous claims like the whey protein powders do. All that stuff those companies claim is garbage. All those protein powders are the same and they're all chemically enhanced with aspartame and other carcinogenic ingredients. And no one polices that industry. Who knows the actual quality of all those whey protein powders?The timing of my search for another alternative had already been introduced to me by the time I read the study and it basically came down to organic whole grain brown rice isolate protein powder.Growing Naturals is a company that seems to know what they're doing. I checked out their website and it has a lot of great information and it's well put together. And they don't make ridiculous claims. Now, I'm not a hippie at all, but after watching documentaries like "Fast food Nation and reading the China Study by T. Colin Campbell,PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD" I have become more conscious of eating organic foods or at least foods from companies that have responsible practices. The brown rice protein powder tastes yummy, light and earthy. It digests well without any bloating feeling and packs in 24 grams of bio-available protein per serving. Its also low in sugar, sodium and carbohydrates. I highly recommend this product. - Catherine Sanson, R.N. /personal trainer/health and fitness enthusiast Meet Our Guru I have several food allergies (No Gluten, No Soy, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Yeast), so my protein powder options are slim to say the least. The products I had been using, while nutritious, definitely left something to be desired when it came texture and taste. This weekend I received individual sample packs of Growing Naturals' Rice Protein Powders. Last night, using a whisk, I mixed a packet of the chocolate flavor with one cup of cold unsweetened rice milk and -- Oh my gosh! I can hardly believe it! --- it was delicious! The flavor was really nice, and the texture was very smooth. I liked it so much that the first thing I did when I got up this morning was to try the vanilla flavor. I was a little nervous that it wouldn't be as tasty, since powdered vanillas tend to lack the dimension of fresh vanilla, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was yummy too! I'm so excited about your products! I really appreciate that your Rice Protein Isolate Powder is available in both large packages for using at home as well as individual packages for taking out and about. Thank you so much for making these products. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As a person with allergies, it's been a long time since taste and nutrition were convenient for me. Your products are going to make a positive difference in the way I function in my daily life.- Pamela Growing Naturals has made a protein powder that tastes good and is "legal." I don't eat processed sugar or meat. A product as good as this one is hard to find. - Susan Gallagher, Dipl. OM Meet Our Guru Growing Naturals Rice Protein is AWESOME! It is a great organic/natural supplement for nourishing muscle growth after workouts and I don't feel "heaviness" in my stomach as I would with other protein powders. Personally I have always had some digestion issues, but this particular protein supplement has not given me any issues (bloating/gas) at all! and it taste great!!. I Highly Recommend it.- Student I have been in the fitness business for 30 years and have used many protein powders for my personal use. I have been looking for a raw vegan protein powder that tastes great and mixes well with a high protein count per serving. Growing Naturals has met all those requirements and fits nicely into my nutritional and training needs. - Jim Codomo, Fort Lauderdale, Florida As I use 99% raw vegan foods to nourish my body there are very few super rich protein products available that cater to that preference. It's basically hemp protein and Rice protein.Growing Natural's Raw Vegan Rice Protein is amazing. And it's the only one I know that's organic. I get all the protein my body needs for my very physical and active lifestyle and it tastes great. Did I say great? I mean phenomenal. I can make better shakes than you can buy anywhere and a chocolate substitute that even my mom got hooked on. Two thumbs up! - Olaf Hartmann, Qi Gong Instructor Meet Our Guru That actually tasted good, like, I enjoyed it. Usually that means there is something wrong and that this thing is too good to be true… Taste is good obviously, I love vanilla and maybe it's the fact I haven't tasted anything with Vanilla in it for awhile that sent my taste buds into a "OH GOD DON'T STOP POURING THAT INTO YOUR MOUTH" sensation.- Ryan Your protein is deliiiiiiiicious :-)- Protein Pow(d)er When I exercise I need some extra energy but need it to taste good or I just won't drink it so I'm excited I found Growing Naturals whole grain brown rice protein.- Tanya K. Growing Naturals pea protein is the best I've tasted. Pea protein has never been my favorite plant protein flavor choice and I was reluctant to try it again. At Natural Products Expo they talked me into a sample which is when I totally changed my mind. Now I'll work it into my protein rotation when I want more Lysine and Arginine. - Geoff A. That's news to me that rice protein can taste so delicious and not gritty. As a vegetarian I appreciate that I can enjoy a new organic protein source I actually like.- Stacie L. I really like the chocolate rice protein powder alot. I have a shake every day. I do appreciate the quality and being organic is important to me along w/being soy free, non-dairy, & gluten-free which is what I'm looking for. The other area I was looking at that was important was that your powder had a higher level of Lysine verses Arginine compared to others. It's good that you offer customers a 1 pound bag versus the 2 pounds that others offer since the price is high.I can tell you that I've tried other rice protein powders and I consider yours the best tasting. Thanks for making a wonderful product! I will be re-ordering.- Janice L. McDonald