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Did Your Original Pea Protein Experience Go From Happy to Ick?

Let Us Make You Happy Again!

If you purchased a 912g canister of Growing Naturals Pea Protein Original between June and August 2016, with Lot #6076EB and were surprised to find a sort of “stale” smell or taste, then we want to refund you $35.00. It’s as simple as checking the bottom of your canister for the Lot number and filling out the following information. Along with a $35 GN Visa Gift Card you’ll receive FREE samples of other plant protein flavors. The “off” flavor has popped up in a small batch of this one-ingredient protein source so we’ve put it through a battery of tests showing the nutritionals haven’t changed, there are no micros and there’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be there… but that doesn’t change the fact it just doesn’t taste as good as we know it can. We’ve always known that consistency in minimally-processed plants is a challenge but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect the best experience possible. Do you have questions? Let our in-house Dietitian help you at Scarlett@growingnaturals.com.

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