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How Did Heavy Metals get in My Food/Supplement?

Heavy metals are not new  to the food-supply, believe it or not.   Heavy metals are also known as "elements"--the same ones on the periodic table that you probably learned about in grade school. These [...]

Growing Naturals’ Heavy Metals Management Program

LAST UPDATED January 2020 To: Our Valued Customers From: Growing Naturals' Quality Team   The subject of lowering heavy metals in our brown rice protein has been a key initiative addressed by Growing Naturals since [...]

Does your body absorb all food contaminants?

As often as oral exposure to heavy metals seems to occur, a healthy individual will rarely get near toxic levels.  In general, the overall health and dietary habits of the individual will help to dictate [...]

Heavy Metals: More Ubiquitous Than You Think.

What is a heavy metal and how often are you exposed to them? Should you be concerned? Though its definition varies, “heavy metals” is the general term given to a group of elements with metallic [...]

Tungsten Demystified

What is tungsten? Tungsten occurs naturally in the environment, in minerals, but not as the pure metal. As an element, tungsten can be neither created nor destroyed chemically, although tungsten can change forms in the [...]

The Body as a Natural Filter for Toxic Substances

Did you know your body can naturally scavenge toxic substances? It's smarter than you realize... As often as metal exposure seems to occur, when we breathe, eat or touch things, a healthy individual will rarely [...]

Heavy Metal Levels in Rice: Q & A

1.   Have metal levels in rice always been an industry/consumer concern, or is this a relatively new concern stemming from the Monmouth study? Manufacturers following GMP have known for years that rice and hundreds [...]

Arsenic Levels In Brown Rice Ingredients

We understand that levels of inorganic arsenic in rice is of concern in some parts of the world. That is why Growing Naturals is committed to using brown rice ingredients that provide health benefits while [...]