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Each ingredient used in Growing Naturals products is thoughtfully chosen to support your healthy lifestyle no matter  if it’s organic, Vegan, Raw, Kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, allergen-friendly, non-GMO, low calorie, low fat, low sugar or just “better than it used to be”.  We truly believe that eating right can still taste good, so while all products have ingredients that feed the body what it needs, some also have ingredients to tantalize the taste buds. We give you the choice of how pure you’d like to go.

While all ingredients are carefully selected, we are most proud of our rice-based ingredients. From planting of the kernels to packaging of the finished product, we are a part of the loving-process of naturally producing all rice-based ingredients so that we can guarantee you are receiving the highest quality nutrition on your table. Naturally organic ingredients are inherently inconsistent, just as Mother Nature made them.  Since our ingredients are not chemically modified, we cannot guarantee that the color, intensity of flavor, etc. will be exactly the same in every batch. What we can guarantee is the most naturally beneficial and great tasting ingredients are made available to you.

 Organic Brown Rice Protein Isolate – Oryzatein®  

Our signature ingredient and the main ingredient in our line of Rice Proteins.  Concentrated to 90% protein (when most others are 70-80% concentration), it is the purest rice protein ingredient on the market, which means you get more protein per gram of powder. Monitored by Growing Naturals from field to shelf, this protein is enzymatically extracted from whole grain brown rice in a proprietary, low heat, organic process.  Our line of Rice Proteins are also the smoothest on the market compared to other products, having eliminated most of the “grit” by filtering through an extremely fine mesh.  This allergen-friendly, non-GMO plant protein has an excellent amino acid profile and is an ideal plant protein source.  It is also the only rice protein which has been included in a University-based clinical trial showing its effectiveness for recovery and gains in muscle when taken after strength exercises.

Yellow Pea Protein – VegOtein®

Most novel and increasingly popular, this is the major ingredient in our line of Pea Proteins. At >80% protein, our high quality pea protein ingredient is produced from non-GMO peas harvested from North America. Extracted using a chemical-free, mechanical process, pea protein features a powerful, highly digestible, unique array of amino acids, being especially high in lysine and arginine.  This protein is also one of the most environmentally friendly, considering the peas are grown without using nitrogen rich fertilizers which can runoff or pollute the environment.  Mild in flavor and creamy in texture, this protein is great as a stand alone or the perfect complement to our line of rice proteins.

Organic  Brown Rice Powder

Similar to rice flour, this unique allergen-friendly, dairy-free, dry ingredient, is produced from the highest quality non-GMO, unpolished brown rice, which is known to contain beneficial nutrients like protein, bran, fiber, and carbohydrates.  Owing to its source, the carbohydrates in this rice-based ingredient are mostly complex, providing a source of slow-digesting energy.  This ingredient is used in small quantities in our vanilla and chocolate pea proteins adding to taste and the smooth mouth feel of the products.

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Used in minimal quantities and featured in our flavored Pea Protein products, coconut palm sugar is the perfect complement to organic stevia as well as the natural soft pea taste.  This sustainable, allergen-friendly sugar is derived from the sap of the coconut palm tree. According to the Phillipine Department of Agriculture, the glycemic index of coconut sugar is 35 (low) compared to table sugar which scores around 60. Unlike table sugar, coconut sugar is not refined and thus retains some beneficial minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc and iron.

Organic Brown Rice Syrup Solids – Oryza®  

A fancy name for brown rice sugar.  This 100% natural, crystallized brown rice syrup is derived from whole rice grains in an allergen-friendly, organic process. It is primarily composed of glucose with a glycemic index of 98, which can aid in the absorption of electrolytes or nutrients like protein. Added in very minimal quantities to our Rice Proteins and Rice Drinks only to compliment Stevia’s unique flavor, it will not cause a spike in blood sugar due to the presence of protein. Together Oryza and Stevia can help people kick their sugar habits.

Organic Stevia

Also referred to as Rebaudioside A or Reb-A, this natural, zero-calorie sweetener is GRAS approved and features zero grams of sugar and a clean taste.  Safer than artificial sweeteners for human consumption, the species Stevia rebaudiana, is the most commonly grown for its sweet leaves. Stevia has a slower onset of taste and longer duration than that of sugar. This natural sugar-substitute has shown promise for helping to treat obesity and diabetes.  Due to its negligible effect on blood glucose, Stevia is considered a safe natural sweetener for individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Sea Salt

This additive-free flavor enhancer is created naturally as ocean water evaporates. Historically called bay salt or solar salt, sea salt contains minerals that table salt does not contain naturally, including iron, iodine, sulfur and magnesium. While some people try to maintain a salt-free diet, natural salt, even in small quantities is a source of minerals that are essential to our health.

Organic Cocoa Powder

All-natural, GRAS approved and deliciously rich, this chocolate ingredient flavors our chocolate Rice Protein.  It is naturally high in antioxidants and flavonoids (plant pigment compounds noted for their anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral benefits). Several thousand flavonoids exist in substantial amounts in common plant-based foods, such as tea, chocolate, soybeans, wine and of course cocoa. Studies suggest that some flavonoids might protect against certain chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular disease. Never using Sanchez beans, which are un-fermented, low-cost fillers in low quality cocoa products, you’ll find Growing Naturals is your answer to fat-free, low sugar alternative to that chocolate fix you’re looking to cure. Keep your eyes open for more chocolate-flavored products to come.

Organic Vanilla or Chocolate Flavor  

The seemingly mysterious ingredient.  Alternately known as “Natural Flavor” and not included in all GN products, our organic certified flavors are plant-based ingredients and carriers which help create a clean taste. They are non-GMO based and actually composed of tapioca root flour (90%) and organic essential oils (10%).  The combination either adds to the flavor enjoyment or helps off-set inherent after-tastes in ingredients such as Stevia.  This is once again part of Growing Naturals pledge that foods that are good for you can also taste good.        

Organic Guar Gum       

The Growing Naturals team put a lot of thought and research into gum selection.  Gums are key to your protein and “milk” having a smooth texture and easy digestion.  Used as fiber sources for many years,  Guar gum comes from the seeds of the guar bean and is known to have a better stomach effect. It is also allergen-free, unlike Xanthan Gum which carries risks for some, as it is grown off of corn syrup in the US.  Inherently not raw due to their production process, Growing Naturals uses gums in extremely small measurements and only in liquid or blendable products.