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Protein & Weight Loss Surgery

Protein & Weight Loss Surgery If you've recently had or are planning to undergo weight-loss surgery (e.g. gastric by-pass, lap band, gastrectomy, etc.), here are important things to know before using Growing Naturals rice and [...]

October is Non-GMO Month: GMOs 101

In honor of non-GMO month we've compiled basic educational info about GMOs: what they are; what the research says; what the benefits are and more... As part of our mission to provide natural products for all [...]

How to Make a Weight GAIN Supplement

If you've experienced significant, unplanned weight loss from a health condition like Celiac Disease or you are just wanting to put on some weight, you can use Growing Naturals' rice or pea protein to help [...]

Diabetes 101: What to Eat and Why

Diabetes 101: What to Eat and Why If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you are not alone. This diagnosis affects 8.3% of people worldwide.  Metabolic syndrome, in which insulin resistance is common, affects 1 [...]

Autism & Nutrition: The Possible Connection

Autism & Nutrition: The Possible Connection Autism is a collection of neurological disorders, characterized by abnormal behavioral and social patterns.  While the criteria for an autism diagnosis are behavioral, research is elucidating that alterations gastrointestinal, [...]