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Which one are you going to get advice from today?


Dr. Anders Jelvéus

Dr. Anders Jelvéus Physician DN, Lac, leg. Naprapat, MTOM, CMT Born and raised in Sweden, Dr. Anders Jelvéus was introduced to healing arts early [...]


Dr. Steve Nenninger

Dr. Steve Nenninger Physician ND (CT), NMD (CA & AZ), CDN (NY) A licensed Naturopathic Physician/Medical Doctor/Nutritionist specializing in natural medicine for Colitis, Dr. [...]


Matthew Cohen, Sifu

Matthew Cohen Trainer Sifu Matthew Cohen, a 5th Degree Blackbelt in the Shaolin style of Kung Fu, has been teaching Yoga and several Chinese [...]


Growing Guru Candice Kumai

Candice Kumai Chef Candice Kumai, a.k.a. “The Stiletto Chef,” has been cooking her way into people’s hearts since she was just a budding “chefette.” [...]


Russ Marchewka

As the only vegan pro beach volleyball player, Russ Marchewka has become passionate about spreading healthy philosophies to other players, fans and now the world [...]