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Kelly Itsell


Kelly is a certified personal trainer. She holds a personal training certificate from the American Council On Exercise, Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Adviser and a kettle bell certificate through the IKFF. She has a background as a distance runner but these days  enjoys all types of fitness and believes in a well rounded fitness level. She enjoys biking and cross training the most, but finds workouts that involve weight training and getting her heart racing and muscles burning are most beneficial for her.

“As a personal trainer my body is always on display to a certain extent, I know that everything I decide to put in my body will have a direct impact on my appearance, recovery, and overall well being so I consistently reach for foods that love me back.  I discovered Growing Naturals products a few years ago when I started my plant-based diet journey. I was in search of a protein powder that could meet my requirements of certain things such as no artificial sweeteners, a solid amino acid profile, good flavor, and mixability.  I bought a few packets of Growing Naturals rice protein at my local health food store and fell in love!”

I love Growing Naturals because it can be used as a post workout shake, before bed snack and all around multipurpose for tons of recipes.

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