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Pea Protein is Here. Rice Protein is Coming.

Team GN is working around the clock to get rice protein back to you, the individuals who have come to rely so deeply on it — often as the only protein supplement that fills your personal health needs. We started with an unexpected run on stock from our GN community, and then had to overcome some growing pains. We are equally frustrated at how slow each step in the process of sourcing our thoughtfully selected ingredients, renewing certifications from newly revised organic standards to Non-GMO and more, has taken.
The good news is that all the changes we have put into place are designed to prevent this supply gap from happening again. Those changes include new and better sources of natural, premium flavors and a much larger production of organic rice protein. While making changes we adjusted the serving sizes to reflect how the majority of our customers have been using GN rice protein, and updated the packaging to reflect how pure and clean the product is. What hasn’t changed is how allergen-friendly, easily digested and effective this organic rice protein is. As a matter of fact, recent clinical studies have shown that this rice protein is as effective as whey protein at building strength and muscle plus helping recovery after exercise — but without the allergens, cholesterol or dairy-bloat.
All pieces are in place and the powders are blending plus shipping from our Utah facility in December. Keep an eye out for an exact availability date or let us notify you when they have arrived in our Los Angeles headquarters and are ready to ship direct to you. Just share your email below.
Naturally Yours,
Kay and Chris
Team GN