GN Summer Fit – Thank You!2018-01-11T15:49:52+00:00

Thank you for joining the GN Summer Fit Sweepstakes!

Next, try our monthly challenges and access great tools below for healthy lifestyle tips from our Growing Gurus and Scarlett Blandon our in-house Dietitian!


Come back anytime 24/7 to access the answers to why, how much, how, and how can I win even more cool prizes.
Access these tools here to for exercise, dietary, healthy lifestyle and more tips from our Growing Naturals Gurus and Scarlett Blandon our in-house Dietitian. Also you can calculate how much protein you need each day (based upon 5 personal factors), learn recipes and tips for making most any meal high-protein — because protein isn’t just for shakes anymore.

Best of all, don’t forget to take the Monthly Challenges through August to win cool prizes like an Apple Watch™ and sign up for our complementary Groupies program to receive 20% off all plant protein purchases with no coupon necessary.

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