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Are you just over the built up-padding on your body? Feel like you cannot stand it for another minute?

Though it’s hard to remember this when your belly is hanging over your pants, your love handles fill out your shirt and thighs are spreading a little too close to the edge of the chair, your svelte is indeed underneath it all. It really is!

Michelangelo described carving the magnificent David as the process of a form emerging as he chipped away the not-needed Carrera marble. Our bodies are just like that. We may see a chunky monkey in the mirror today, but as the unneeded pounds shed, our original selves lie underneath just waiting to be uncovered.  How does that happen?

Well, it’s not about denial of yummy things, or starving ourselves in search of something different than what we are – it’s about loving ourselves enough to coax out our true selves. Dieting is a bad idea because it feels terrible and typically doesn’t work over time.

What if you treated your body like the perfect David lying in wait under the not needed padding? This is part of what you will learn that will make this a wonderful, fulfilling (and permanent) experience. That’s what we mean by “real weight loss.”


Try picking one new recipe to try each day. Check out newly added articles and videos each week. Let us know what you think and earn more chances to win over 80 prizes!


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