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Becoming a new mommy is a luscious experience – in more ways than one.

You knew you have to gain some weight for the health of your baby. Now that you have that little bundle of unconditional love in your arms, it’s intoxicating – but let’s face it, so was that creamy ice cream, burger with fries, and mouth-watering bowl of cheesy pasta. How in the world are you going to replace these feelings and whittle down what may have become a Ruben-esque profile?

You gave the ultimate gift of control over your body so that you could bring the miracle of life to your family. But now it’s time to take control back, have only one size of clothing in your closet and reclaiming an energy level that doesn’t die out before your “To-Do” list is completed.

It’s not always about getting back to “pre-baby weight” or even “wedding weight”. It’s about managing food cravings that typically sabotage your best intentions. It’s about investing in your health and future. Whether you last welcomed a new member of the family months or years ago. It’s never too late!

Don’t forget there is the special “Real Weight Loss” track for Dad or any other member of your household, if they happened to have some of those cravings themselves!


Try picking one new recipe to try each day. Check out newly added articles and videos each week. Let us know what you think and earn more chances to win over 80 prizes!


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