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Were you once the one others watched on the beach? Or maybe you just secretly wished you were?

Whether it’s a party, vacation, or hang out with friends you have on your calendar, you’ve got a picture in your head of how you want to look in that bathing suit. Better yet, you have a picture in your head of how others will look at you — looking your fittest ever. The problem is that picture may not fit reality.

Before you get into the sun again, it’s high time for a tune-up! It may be a little (or may seem like a lot) but that hot bod is in there just waiting for a little buff and polish.

We’ve got a stable of fitness gurus whose tips and tricks, menus and recipes will re-ignite that voracious desire to get in shape. It won’t be long before the alarm clock signals not the pressing of the snooze button, but the delicious rush of adrenaline and endorphins flooding your body post-workout under a hot shower.


Try picking one new recipe to try each day. Check out newly added articles and videos each week. Let us know what you think and earn more chances to win over 80 prizes!




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Welcome To Your Best Summer Ever!  Eric Carlson is here to welcome you to the Summer 2016 GN Fit Challenge and share awesome tips so that you can succeed at achieving your goals! Eric is an individual who leads life by example by maintaining a healthy and fit physique year round. Through his fitness [...]