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Our Story

Founded in 2009, Growing Naturals, LLC is employee-owned by a group of visionaries who believe in nourishing the world through powerful plant proteins.

Growing Naturals was formed to tap into Axiom Foods — the industry leader in plant protein manufacturing, innovations and quality control from seed to table — and bring the finest in all-inclusive plant-based nutrition direct to you. The Growing Naturals team has remained committed to Non-GMO, allergen-friendly, Vegan products with clean labels. The foundation for all Growing Naturals products includes uniquely certified, clinically tested and pure plant proteins, including Oryzatein® brown rice protein — the low-carb rice protein clinically tested and patented as good as whey for sports nutrition.

Each and every product is uniquely all-inclusive for people who both care about what’s in their nutrition products as much as what’s not in them, and care about how the products make them feel.

Stay tuned as the story continues and other nutrition-packed, natural products for all people are incubating.

Why Growing Naturals PURE PROTEINS? 

We are glad you asked, because we don’t mind bragging. In a world of blends, Growing Naturals’ award-winning Pure Pea & Rice Proteins have remained true and the sought-after source for millions and millions of people avoiding blends due to restricted dietary lifestyles. They are for custom-blending purists seeking the food allergy-friendly, diet-friendly, low-carb, iron-rich, 100% digestible, powerful plant proteins. The foundation for blending, baking and more, GN’s Pure Proteins are always Vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, and packed with all the essential amino acids. They are designed to fuel people who thoughtfully select what goes in their bodies, whether by choice or necessity, from vegans to people managing Celiac.

Oh, and don’t forget that our Organic Premium Rice Protein is the only pure rice protein patented for sports nutrition! Featured in multiple clinical trials vs whey, it proves time and again that it’s as good at building strength and helping recovery. Check out GNstudies.com and Plantvsanimal.com for more details.

Amazon 5 Star Review: Vanilla Rice Protein

This is the best rice protein I’ve tried, hands-down, and I’ve tried all the others. Best taste, best texture and best mixability. This will be my staple from now on.

Rocketsdad, Growing Naturals

Amazon 5 Star Review: Vanilla Pea Protein

I love everything about this protein. It’s vegan, delicious, a good value for your money, blends well and doesn’t taste bad once the shake has sat for a few hours in the refrigerator. I make my daily shakes in the morning and by the time I have my mid afternoon shake, it’s still as delicious as the one in the morning. I am adding this to my monthly automatic shipment.

Raine4llw, Growing Naturals

Why Growing Naturals BENEFIT BLENDS? coffee plant protein stress sleep supplement

We couldn’t be more excited to share these new One & Done SuperShakes™ – which remain true to our pledge of being all-inclusive Vegan, allergen-friendly and Non-GMO project Verified!  Check out more details about each of the first in the series of Benefit Blends below… A.M. Energy and P.M. Restore.

We have combined all our morning and night rituals into one quick, GREAT tasting scoop — while helping curb hunger and build stronger bodies. Think of A.M. Energy as a new and improved, natural Carnation Instant Breakfast Powder, and P.M. Restore as a one-of-a-kind chocolate stress and sleep aid + antioxidant. Better yet, this treat can be savored warm or cold. Yum!

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The best reason to choose GN Products NOW thru March 31, 2020?

NEW! One & Done SuperShakes

Feel the Difference while Simplifying Mornings One Scoop at a Time.

The next generation in morning rituals has arrived with A.M. Energy One & Done SuperShake. Finally, we can have our complete protein shake, cup of coffee, multivitamin, and high fiber drink in one quick, craveable Benefit Blend. Keeping true to the Growing Naturals promise, A.M. Energy is the only non-GMO, vegan and allergen-friendly daily solution, plus it delivers a complete plant protein source. It’s for real. A.M. Energy has arrived to help kick our day into gear while kicking that pre-lunch hunger to the curb.†

Rest Easy while Simplifying Evenings One Scoop at a Time

The solution for the great dilemma of a good night’s sleep has arrived with P.M. Restore One & Done SuperShake. We can ditch the pill bottles, sweet cravings plus restless nights, and instead sip our way to a better tomorrow. Each quick scoop includes satiating fiber, antioxidants and a complete plant protein blend to help rebuild and recover, PLUS an effective stress and sleep support blend that ranges from chamomile to melatonin. Better yet, this is all accomplished with non-GMO, vegan and allergen-friendly ingredients. Hot or cold, this is our new nightly guilt-free chocolate ritual. P.M. Restore is here to help our bodies relax, rebuild and awake refreshed.†

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