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Press Release – For Immediate Release Growing Naturals Launches Two Firsts at Once As Company Rolls Out eStore for Organic Rice-based Food Products features the only rice protein that's an isolate and the only rice milk powder with similar protein and vitamins as dairy milk. CULVER CITY, CA, March 2011 – Growing Naturals is announcing their launch as the source for allergen-free, rice-based food for all people, supporting the 12.5 million Americans with food allergies. Their first two organic products include the only rice protein isolate on the market, boasting 90% protein that's raw, Vegan and whole grain in every serving, plus the only rice milk powder with 8 grams of protein per serving and fortified with vitamins, similar to dairy milk. Available at, the low-carbohydrate original, chocolate and vanilla, naturally flavored whole grain rice protein isolate delivers 24 grams of protein per serving. This product is designed as an alternative to both allergy-related soy protein and the over 4 million metric tons of whey produced each year. Growing Natural's rice protein is a hypoallergenic and steadier supply of quality energy due to its complete amino acid profile having a 98% correlation to whey and a more consistent absorption rate. Until now there had not been an allergen-free competitor to the growing whey isolate industry. With a 96% correlation to mother's milk, Growing Natural's whole grain rice milk powder provides an alternative to the more than 8,000,000 metric tons of powdered dairy milk currently produced worldwide. The consumer benefits include convenience, shelf life, applications, and nutrition. Not only is this organic rice milk powder designed to be a non-dairy substitute in baking, it is easily accessible when on the road or traveling where milk alternatives may not be readily available, and consumers can mix just what they need. "Instead of lugging 4 to 6 tetra packs of non-dairy milk from the grocery store at a time, which can spoil within 7 days of opening, our 1lb pouch that has a preservative-free shelf life of over a year makes more than a gallon of liquid," explained David Janow, Growing Natural's CEO. Growing Naturals mission is based upon utilizing the natural benefits of whole grain rice, a food staple recognized by the World Health Organization, while ensuring their products can be enjoyed by all people. "In addition to being Vegan, Kosher, soy-free, corn-free, and lactose and dairy-free, we even removed Xanthium Gum from our original formulation to ensure it is gluten-free, since the gum is grown on corn," added Janow. Growing Naturals' credits their learning from taste testing at multiple events, partnerships with different organizations including the Celiac Disease Foundation, plus extensive testing from seed to shelf. While rice is naturally gluten-free, Growing Natural's Los Angeles-based manufacturing facility additionally tests the machinery before every batch to ensure there has been no cross contamination. The chemical-free, proprietary process by which the key portions of the rice kernel are extracted lends itself to naturally low-carbohydrate yet high protein snacks, baked goods, meal replacements and more to come. "We believe that the parts of a grain of rice are greater than the sum," said Janow, "which is how the possibilities are endless for naturally nutritional products we'll be launching next." About Growing Naturals Founded in 2009, Growing Naturals has been dedicated to researching and developing cutting edge naturally nutritious, organic, allergen-free, great tasting food and beverage products that can be consumed by all people. All initial products are whole grain brown rice based. Their first retail products launching on their store at are the premiere whole grain brown rice protein isolate and rice milk powder. Protein Kernel Media Contact: Kay Abadee, VP Marketing, Growing Naturals Phone: (818) 266-2461 Email:

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