5 Tips and Tricks for Staying Motivated

5 Tips and Tricks for Staying Motivated


5 tips and tricks for staying motivated

Staying motivated can be one of the hardest parts about reaching your fitness goals.  Some days or weeks we just can’t get motivated to hit the gym or put on our running shoes.  We create all sorts of excuses to avoid our workout:  the bed’s just too comfortable; a margarita at happy hour is calling your name; I still have 8 weeks until my beach vacation; Game of Thrones is on and you don’t want to be the only one at the office that hasn’t seen it yet.  But if you want to start seeing results, consistency is key.  Here are some of my tricks to staying on track with a fitness plan:

1. Invest in a coach/trainer

A good coach or trainer will keep you motivated, hold you accountable and help you reach your fitness goals.

2. Add in more workouts that you enjoy

Love the outdoors? Going kayaking or hiking is a great way to burn calories while enjoying nature. Love adventure?  Try out a climbing gym.  If you enjoy your workout, you’re going to stick with it!

3. Treat yourself (to some new gym clothes)

Go out a buy some new athletic gear. There’s something about a new gym clothes that make you want to strut into the gym like you own the place.

4. Set a new goal

So you were finally able to finish that 5k you always wanted to run. Congrats!  Now you just can’t find the motivation to get back into your running shoes.  You need a new goal!  Set a goal to squat your body weight or work towards completing that obstacle race you had your eye on.

5. Get social

Finding a group to workout with can keep you honest and consistent. When you have people motivating you to come to the next workout and questioning why you weren’t there for the last one, you’re more likely to show up for that sweat session.


By: Rachel Yarger, Vegan NPC & NFF Bikini Competitor


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