Allergen Processing FAQs

What type of facility do you use to manufacture your protein powders?

Growing Naturals rice and pea proteins are manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facility.  This certification is regulated by the FDA under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The certification ensures that the facility adheres to very strict procedures for the manufacturing of products and especially handling of allergens.

What allergens are processed in your facility?

Our facility manufactures products with all major allergens EXCEPT for fish and shellfish.  Peanuts (although allowed) are rarely run at our facility.

How do you limit/control cross-contamination?

Specific standards are set forth under the GMP certification. Firstly, all employees must have documented training on allergen handling.  All suppliers (of ingredients) must provide proper documentation and certifications for ingredients. Once received, the ingredients are properly labeled and separated in the warehouse with allergens stored in separate rooms from non-allergens.  In rooms where products are blended and made there is enhanced air handling to control dust particles. When work rooms are processing allergens, the specific allergens being processed are clearly labeled and documented at the room’s entrance.  The final product is also labeled to contain allergens.

Is the machinery taken apart and cleaned after allergen-containing products are manufactured?

Absolutely yes. A complete equipment clean-down is performed after any allergens have run on the machines.  This involves tearing down all the components of the equipment and removing them to a sanitation room where everything is washed and sanitized before it is released for re-use.  The work room which processed the allergens is also entirely cleaned and sanitized. The machinery cannot be released for re-use unless it passes ATP testing.  While ATP does not detect allergens, it detects very low residual levels of dust which will trigger a failure and the equipment would have to be entirely re-cleaned.   This cleaning process is a validated method for cleaning, sanitation and allergen control.

Do you test the final product for allergens?

The final product is not tested for allergens other than gluten.

Has your facility ever had any cases of allergic reactions to an allergen-free product made there?

To date, there has never been any allergic reactions stemming from products (including ours) made at our manufacturing facility.

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