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This week Dr. Blythe Metz of Blythe Natural Living, is our featured Winter Weight Challenge guru! Dr. Blythe shares with you here some great tips for being “Simply Your Best”. Additionally, visit our Facebook page all this week to get more great info, recipes and videos from Dr. Blythe that will help you develop a lifestyle of “simply being your best”.


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January 12, 2015

5 Ways To Be SIMPLY Your Best.
By Dr. Blythe Metz

I have good news. Plants are the answer to most of our weight and health issues. Just eat more plants!
This includes all parts of plants we consider vegetables, herbs, fruits, legumes, tree nuts, grains and
mushrooms. Eating more plants is tastier and easier than you think, I promise! I have a few delicious and
simple recipes to share with you that I think you will love. I want to inspire you with nutrient dense easy
meals the whole family will enjoy. Recipes are below.

Cultured Food!
Cultured foods are another imperative part of an optimal diet. I know many people are confused about
that, so I included a video below that teaches you how to make your own sauerkraut. It’s easy, fun and
hugely beneficial for your immune system and overall well being. I encourage you to try the recipe and
process you see below in the video, and include your children in the chopping or massaging of the
vegetables if they are old enough. Children learn from our example. When we prepare foods like this with
our children we teach them powerful tools for a healthy life. PLUS they always have fun interacting with
food in the ways required for making sauerkraut. This is a recipe formula, you can use the vegetables
and herbs you like the best. Watch and learn how to Make Your Own Sauerkraut!

Habit Forming!
Achieving and maintaining optimal health and fitness happens in our daily habits. What are your daily
food habits. Write down 3-5 food habits you have, good or bad, no judgement here. Some examples
would be: 1) 1 cup of coffee every morning, 2) smoothie for breakfast every morning 3) skipping
breakfast, 4) salad with dinner every night, 5) afternoon chocolate fix, 6) afternoon coffee, 7) afternoon
juice, 8) wine with dinner, 9) overeating at dinner or eating late, etc. Write down as many food habits as
you can think of. Review these habits and acknowledge the productivity of each habit, is it a beneficial
habit or a habit you’d like to release? Acknowledge yourself for the beneficial food habits you have so
that you will continue to build a stronger consciousness for self care. Release any unproductive habit you
have by making a better choice in the moment. After several times of making a better choice you will have
created a new habit. For instance, instead of an afternoon sugar pick-me-up, choose to have a superfood
pick-me-up like goldenberries, or a superfood shake.

Click here to watch a video on 5 habits that will help you keep your resolutions to be the very best you.

Take Care Of Your Hormones!
Our hormones play a huge part in our weight and energy level. For men and women alike our
environment and diet can wreck havoc on our precious and sensitive endocrine system. Keeping our
sugar intake to a minimum and refraining from consuming conventional animal products with added
synthetic hormones is a huge start. We can then also choose to eat foods that specifically benefit our
endocrine system like coconut, maca, and he shou wo. Click here to watch how to make a Hormone Balancing Smoothie.

Strong Immunity!

Keeping your immune system strong this winter is paramount. You may have already succumbed to a cough or cold, or even the flu, which in my opinion is completely preventable by keeping your immunity strong with these simple remedies.

Recipes courtesy of Dr. Blythe Metz:

Blythe's Apple Pie smoothieApple Pie Milk Shake










Chocolate Ice CreamChocolate Ice Cream










Vanilla Berry ShakeVanilla Berry Shake







applesauceWinter’s Apple Sauce

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