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A University study shows supplementation with Growing Naturals Rice Protein is equally as effective as whey protein for increasing lean muscle mass, power & strength, plus helping exercise recovery.*

*Nutrition Journal, 2013. See study details at GNstudies.com



Premium Rice Protein Advantages Over Whey

•  Fat-free and cholesterol-free
•  Allergen-free
•  Powerful and plant-based
•  Living protein
•  Organic
•  Non-GMO


The Race
to Leucine Amino Acid Absorption

Leucine, the key amino acid for muscle building, absorbs almost 30% faster from rice protein than whey protein. (Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences, 2014)


Naturally fat- and cholesterol-free protein. Animal-based protein often naturally contains cholesterol and too much cholesterol or fat from foods can be problematic for your heart, even when you are fit.

Naturally allergen-free protein. There is NO lactose in rice protein. It is easily digested and does not cause the bloating or gut issues associated with whey. It is also lab-tested gluten-free and does NOT contain other food allergens like dairy, soy, or corn.

Powerful plant-based protein. Plants are Mother Nature’s cruelty-free, sustainable, eco-friendly source of energy. Renewable plant-based proteins take far less water and energy to produce than animal-based proteins.

“Living” protein. Rice protein is extracted by a chemical-free, water-based process. It is never heated above 118°F.

Organic = nothing toxic. Respect your body by consuming foods which are grown without the use of hormones, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, pollution or ionizing radiation.

Genetically unadulterated protein. We are always looking for ways to be safer and more natural. In addition to not using hexane to extract our proteins, unlike most soy proteins, GN rice protein is from non-GMO sources the way nature intended it.

Why not start blending with Growing Naturals Rice Protein today?