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Kevin Hill


Kevin Hill is a researcher, health advocate and founder of, the company’s mission is, “creating exceptional children that transform the world”. Vitalchild, Inc was originally established as a nutrition research company that publishes the latest news and breakthroughs from scientists, universities and practitioners to optimize the health of pregnant women and children. He later formed Shopvitalchild, the first company of its kind to sell and manufacture the world’s safest and most effective supplements, superfoods and super products exclusively for pregnancy and children.

Kevin has been a passionate nutritional researcher, publisher, living food and health advocate since he started a serious personal study of nutrition at 12 yrs of age. He was the #1 ranked student in his college studies of nutritional biochemistry, with a 3.8 grade point average.

Kevin is also a pioneer in the raw vegan bodybuilding movement. He has been sought after as a highly motivational trainer by vegetarians, vegans and raw vegans seeking to maximize muscle mass. Kevin has educated many with his writing, nutrition consulting and lectures over the past 15 years regarding optimal nutrition. His greatest passion is to help optimize the health of pregnancy and children through the combination of cutting-edge transformational health news, retailing and manufacturing innovative nutritional products, physical fitness and advocating sustainable lifestyles.

Shopvitalchild is in seeking the development of a cutting-edge omega-3 that fulfills on the goal of optimizing health of pregnant women and children with additional health products to follow.

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