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Christine Campbell

Wellness and Natural Lifestyle Expert

CHC Health, Happiness and Wellness Coach

Christine Campbell is a certified health and wellness coach and the founder of Glamorously Healthy. She specializes in helping discouraged women discover and master their inner and outer beauty, glow with confidence and live with purpose.   She provides one-on-one and group coaching on holistic nutrition, confidence building, self-development, wellness, career satisfaction, relationships and happiness.  Christine strives to help women turn their lives around to be empowered, balanced and healthy in all facets of life—mind, body, and spirit.

It’s Christine’s journey through life that led her into helping others live their healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled lives. She was a Synchronized Swimmer for 12 years and was trained by top Olympic coaches. She then moved to Los Angeles from Canada at the age of 21 to pursue her dream career of becoming a Fashion Designer which she did successfully for over a decade. Unfortunately along her path she lost her father to a sudden heart attack and her brother to murder. Although devastating, these two incidences have empowered, inspired and motivated Christine to teach others about not only taking care of their health but also to take full advantage of their lives and to live fearlessly and with purpose, because in essence, life can be short.

Christine has always led a healthy lifestyle and through her swimming coaches, incredible parents, many mentors and 3 older siblings she learned to be incredibly independent, a risk taker, to chase her dreams, see fears as a window to opportunity and continually grow, aspire, learn, improve and accomplish. Coaching is Christine’s passion! She loves to do it and is darn good at it! She is results oriented and creates individual programs for each client based off their needs and concerns, strengths and weaknesses and her ability to intuitively see their potential and how best to get them to their goals.

Christine is a holistic health, green-smoothie, self-growth and happiness Junkie! Nothing makes her happier then when one of her clients say “I have never felt this good, looked this good or felt so fulfilled, thank you!!”

Live every day as though it is your last!

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