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Learn How to Make Any Meatless Meal High Protein

Let’s find out how many weeks we can go meat-free for just one day. That’s 52 opportunities a year to change habits, improve our health, discover alternatives and feel better about ourselves and our planet.

Did you know that Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney started the Meat-Free Monday campaign in 2009? They should be so proud that eight years later, millions of people who tried going meatless for short periods of time have taken the next step to Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyles. While that level of commitment is amazing for us personally and the planet as a whole, there’s a larger group of people hovering somewhere between vegetarian and carnivore. According to Whole Foods Grocery, the hottest trend in 2017 is Flexitarian.

It makes sense that there is a huge community of people who want to eat more plants every week but aren’t willing to totally give up beef or chicken altogether. Between the hot 2016 trend of clean eating and the countless new plant-based food choices popping up from groceries to restaurants and schools, it’s getting easier and more compelling.

Meatless Mondays is the perfect chance to:

1) increase your plant-based food percentage
2) learn how to make almost any meal high protein
3) find and try new recipes
4) learn how to order meatless while at restaurants or school

Take the Challenge and tell us how many weeks you can go meatless!


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Check out some of the recipe categories below. Start with a couple and then come back for more. You might be surprised to see that you can make high protein, savory lunch and dinner-friendly recipes, with our protein powders!

Insiders Tip: Go to for a shortcut to hundreds of high protein recipe ideas.

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Don’t skimp on the nutrition or flavor with these easy,
high-protein options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.