6 things to Avoid for Better Health

6 things to Avoid for Better Health   And we don't mean pizza and burgs--those are actually ok once in a while. There are a few activities however that you should limit if you are trying [...]

Does using protein supplements cause cancer?

Some of you might be wondering this very question, thanks to the new study published in the British Journal of Cancer which has been making its rounds in the media lately. The short answer is: no. This [...]

5 Ways to Beat a Holiday Food Coma

Real talk with Kelly Itsell: 5 Ways to Beat a Holiday Food Coma The holiday parties and family gatherings are in full swing and this is that crucial time when you can really spiral out of control [...]

Should I Exercise when I’m Sick?

Should I Exercise when I’m Sick? You've been going to the gym consistently, finally built a routine and on track for your goals--then all of a sudden you start to feel run down and before [...]

Sleep: the Easiest Way to Manage Your Weight

Sleep: the Easiest Way to Manage Your Weight Sleep is incredibly beneficial for mental health as well as physical health.  But did you know sleep can also help to manage your weight?  If you've recently [...]

How Stress Affects Your Weight or Waistline

How Stress Affects Your Weight or Waistline Did you know that stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and disease?1  Whether it be job pressures, finances, or health, stress seems to [...]

Myth: Rice Protein Powder is High in Carbs

What is Rice Protein Anyway? First of all, by rice protein powder, we mean a powdered protein supplement with “rice protein” or "brown rice protein" as the main ingredient.  The type of product you buy at [...]

Tweet Chat Recap: Yogi Meets Dietitian in Honor of National Yoga Month

A recap of the tweet chat on 9/23 with Kathleen Uhran of SheRocksFitnesstx.com: Q1: How can yoga help you achieve overall better health? The benefits of yoga are never-ending! It helps mentally, physically, emotionally. Yoga can help [...]

September is National Yoga Month!

Growing Guru & Yogi, Kathleen Uhran of Acktivelife.com shares a favorite recipe and her experience at the Nantucket Yoga Festival: When I go on vacation, there are definitely some foods that I take with me, to make [...]

How to Make a Weight GAIN Supplement

If you've experienced significant, unplanned weight loss from a health condition like Celiac Disease, or other situation, you can use Growing Naturals' rice or pea protein to make a weight gaining food.   Although protein supplements [...]

6 Ways to Prevent Sarcopenia (Age-Related Muscle Loss)

6 Ways to Prevent Sarcopenia (Age-Related Muscle Loss) Though you might not feel it or see it, muscle loss starts to occur (slowly but surely) after age 30.  This process is known as sarcopenia  and it has [...]

12 Mindless Ways to Eat Less

12 Mindless Ways to Eat Less Remember that time when you were at the movies and you "accidentally" finished that giant bag of popcorn or whole box of sno-caps before the movie even ended? Hashtag woops. Distractions are dieter's worse nightmare. It's [...]

Sarcopenia 101: Muscle Loss Starts After Age 30

Did you know that you can start to lose muscle mass as early as the age of 30? This could explain why some men are bound to start forming "dad bods" around this age and [...]

National Running Day is June 4, 2014!

Kait Turshen of BubbleGirlBakes.com shares her recent experience training for and completing her first half marathon: Two runners walk into a bar. No, no this isn't one of those jokes with a barely mediocre punchline [...]

Cheers to Earth Day with some Pea Protein

Did you know peas are one of most Earth-friendly crops? What makes them so "green"? Peas, from the species Pisum Sativum, are most commonly known as the green and mildy sweet, round seeds found inside pods. But this type, the "garden [...]

How Did Heavy Metals get in My Food/Supplement?

Heavy metals are not new  to the food-supply, believe it or not.   Heavy metals are also known as "elements"--the same ones on the periodic table that you probably learned about in grade school. These [...]

Protein For Muscle and Exercise Recovery

Protein for Muscle & Exercise Recovery   If you're trying to keep your waistline in check during the holidays, then you should definitely be doing 2 things: 1) staying on your exercise routine 2) make sure [...]

New Vegan GN Protein shake posted

Vegan blogger and website Veganisation® posted a new recipe video featuring Growing Naturals' Chocolate Power Rice Protein. Happy drinking! Visit Veganisation's Youtube channel site HERE

Real Talk with Guru Laura Hall: Muscle Fuel for the Normal Person

Real Talk with Guru Laura Hall: Muscle Fuel for the Normal Person Most of us have heard that consuming protein surrounding a workout is a good idea.  When you workout, your muscles need protein for fuel [...]

Do You Need a Protein Supplement?

Dietary Protein: Do You Need to Supplement? Your body can suffer serious consequences when you don’t consume enough protein.  In the long run, a protein deficiency can lead to things like a weakened immune system, [...]