Study Finds Vegetarians are Slimmer than Meat-Eaters

Nutrient intakes of almost 72,000 subjects from the Adventist Health Study 2 were analyzed to compare differences between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dietary patterns.  All subjects completed a validated food frequency questionnaire and also submitted some [...]

Protein: a Key Player in Weight Management

Protein’s characteristic ability to promote satiety has made it a point of interest when dealing with weight maintenance.    Satiety has been defined and supported by elevated amino acid concentrations, responses of anorexigenic hormones or protein [...]

High Protein Intake Helps Reduce Muscle Loss during Weight Loss Dieting

High Protein Intake Helps Reduce Muscle Loss during Weight Loss Dieting Muscle loss seems to be inevitable during weight loss.  When you reduce the amount of food consumed (aka energy deficit), the body compensates for this [...]

Rice Protein Improves Body Weight, Fat Mass and Reduces TG Levels: Animal Data

Mice fed cholesterol-enriched diets containing rice protein as the protein source experienced significant reduction in hepatic secretion of triglycerides and cholesterol into circulation compared to a diet with casein for its protein.  In other words, [...]

Boost Your Veggie Juice With GN Plant Proteins

Whether pressed, centrifuged or masticated, juicing continues to be one of the hottest health trends around.  Juices made from combinations of fruits, vegetables and greens can be extremely nutritionally beneficial considering the volume of vitamins, [...]

What is Protein and Why do You Need it Everyday?

 What is Protein and Why do You Need it? Protein, protein, protein. You’ve probably heard this term quite a few times by now or seen it increasingly promoted in food products at your grocery store. [...]