How to Lose 1lb. Per Week

How to Lose 1lb. Per Week One pound per week might not sound like a lot, but this actually equates to 52 lbs in a year!  The problem is, when you want (or need) to [...]

The Buddy System for Weight Loss

The Buddy System for Weight Loss Have you ever been at a bar/restaurant, couldn't decide what to order so you turned to your friend or significant other to ask what they're ordering?  (Unless it's something outlandish) [...]

Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips for this Holiday Season

Real Talk with Gigi Stewart: Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips for this Holiday Season 1. Load up on in-season produce Take advantage of in-season produce, even in winter months. Cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage) and root [...]

5 Ways to Beat a Holiday Food Coma

Real talk with Kelly Itsell: 5 Ways to Beat a Holiday Food Coma The holiday parties and family gatherings are in full swing and this is that crucial time when you can really spiral out of control [...]

How to Indulge Without Guilt this Thanksgiving

Real Talk with Anna Sward: How to Indulge Without Guilt this Thanksgiving My top tip for indulging in foods you like without feeling guilty on or around Thanksgiving is to--make healthier versions of the foods you crave! [...]

5 Ways to Tame A Holiday Sweet Tooth

Real talk with Laura Hall: 5 Ways to Tame A Holiday Sweet Tooth Cooler weather is a trigger. At least, for my sweet tooth.  Sure, it exists year-round, but something about the fall and winter seasons makes me yearn for [...]

Sleep: the Easiest Way to Manage Your Weight

Sleep: the Easiest Way to Manage Your Weight Sleep is incredibly beneficial for mental health as well as physical health.  But did you know sleep can also help to manage your weight?  If you've recently [...]

How Stress Affects Your Weight or Waistline

How Stress Affects Your Weight or Waistline Did you know that stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and disease?1  Whether it be job pressures, finances, or health, stress seems to [...]

12 Mindless Ways to Eat Less

12 Mindless Ways to Eat Less Remember that time when you were at the movies and you "accidentally" finished that giant bag of popcorn or whole box of sno-caps before the movie even ended? Hashtag woops. Distractions are dieter's worse nightmare. It's [...]

Real Talk with Guru Laura Hall: Muscle Fuel for the Normal Person

Real Talk with Guru Laura Hall: Muscle Fuel for the Normal Person Most of us have heard that consuming protein surrounding a workout is a good idea.  When you workout, your muscles need protein for fuel [...]

The Best (& Healthiest) Weight Loss Method

The Best (& Healthiest) Weight Loss Method What is the best  way to lose weight? Detox? Exercise? Diet? All of the above? If you're reading this, chances are you've tried to lose weight before, whether [...]

4 Ways to Fix Your “Cheat Day”

4 Ways to Fix Your "Cheat Day" Oops! Your cheat meal turned into a full blown cheat day.  Whether you caved into a carb weakness, had one too many adult drinks or had a big piece of dessert on [...]

Study finds Protein-Rich Breakfast Helps to Curb Appetite

New research presented at the Obesity Society's annual scientific meeting on Nov. 13, 2013 found that "eating a breakfast rich in protein significantly improves appetite control and may help women to avoid overeating later in the day." [...]

How Much Protein Do You Need Each & Every Day?

How Much Protein Do You Need Each & Every Day? Every day we need to restart our protein intake but the question is how much do you need each day? The exact number of grams depends [...]

High Protein Dieting, One Possible Way to Keep the Weight Off

A very low calorie diet is a sure-fire way of losing weight, and losing it quickly.  After all, the body is consuming a fraction of the energy it requires. But once that weight is lost, [...]

Sample 3-Day Eating Plan with GN Protein Shakes

If you aren’t already on an organized diet plan, here is a sample 3-day eating plan using plant protein shakes as meal replacements.  This could be used after an unplanned feasting event, where you might've [...]

Exercise FAQs

Learn about commonly asked exercise-related questions. If you don't see your question here, please submit it on the Contact Us page. Everyone is different. It depends on various factors including the number of calories you require [...]

Exercise & Weight Management

Exercise & Weight Management You don't need to go to the gym to do exercise.  It can be done in the comfort of your home, or backyard. You may even already be doing some, without realizing [...]

Satiety & Weight Management

What is satiety and how does it help manage your weight? Satiety is the state of being sated or full and many studies have indicated that protein consumption generally increases satiety more than isocaloric (equal [...]

Calories: the Energy of Life

A calorie is a unit of energy.  Our bodies require a certain number of calories on a daily basis in order to perform normal daily functions from moving around, to digesting, to rebuilding cells and [...]