Fermented Vegan Proteins – Are they Really Better for You?

Fermented Vegan Proteins – Are they Really Better for You? When it comes to nutrition, there are certain things that are tried and true. Eating plenty of vegetables, drinking water, and limiting added sugar intake [...]

Grains—Are They Good or Bad for You?

Grains—Are They Good or Bad for You? There are plenty of fad diets out there. And with every fad diet, there's usually a villain—like carbs, fats, sugar, and gluten, to name just a few. Sometimes, [...]

Gluten-Free Labels: What Do They Really Mean?

Gluten-Free Labels: What Do They Really Mean?   Gluten-Free. Without Gluten. Certified Gluten-Free. These are just a few of the labels you might run across when looking for gluten-free foods in the grocery store. For [...]

12 Myths About Gluten

12 Myths About Gluten For those with celiac or gluten intolerance, the growing availability of gluten-free foods is a welcome and much-needed change. With an estimated 2.5 million people in the United States still undiagnosed, [...]

7 Reasons to Choose a Single-Source Protein Powder

7 Reasons to Choose a Single-Source Protein Powder Protein powder blends are a new thing. It’s when you find multiple sources of protein in a product, from animal to plant-based.   There are whey plus soy [...]

20 Creative Ways to Use Protein Powder

20 Creative Ways to Use Protein Powder  Protein powders can be used for much more than you think! There’s nothing like an ice cold smoothie in the dead of the summer or a chilled shake to [...]

Our Gluten-Free Promise

  At Growing Naturals we truly recognize the importance of having gluten free products, not only for those with Celiac Disease but for those with gluten sensitivities, multiple food allergies, or those who simply choose [...]

Allergen Processing FAQs

What type of facility do you use to manufacture your protein powders? Growing Naturals rice and pea proteins are manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facility.  This certification is regulated by the FDA [...]

Move out of the way Gluten—There’s a New Digestive Offender in Town: FODMAPs

By: Lindsay Goddard, MS, RDN, LDN Licensed & Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist   Up to 70 million Americans live with digestive conditions and emerging research shows that FODMAPs (rather than gluten or lactose) may be the mysterious [...]

Tweet Chat Recap: Back to School with Allergies

A recap of the tweet chat on 8/26 with Kait Turshen of BubbleGirlBakes.com: Q1: What are the latest statistics on food allergies in the US?  According to the Food Allergy Research and Education organization, approximately 15 [...]

Gluten-Free Diet’s Effect on Colon Cancer Risk

Does Celiac Disease increase the risk of colon cancer? Can a gluten-free diet help? Researchers in Italy wanted to determine this, considering the damaging effect gluten can have on the intestines in people with Celiac [...]

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding tied to Celiac Disease

Abnormal uterine bleeding appears to be yet another symptom of Celiac Disease... For this small research study in 2014, scientists interviewed and compared menstrual history in a group of women with CD versus a group [...]

Gluten Allergy vs. Gluten Sensitivity vs. Wheat Allergy

Gluten Allergy vs. Gluten Sensitivity vs. Wheat Allergy What is the difference between a gluten allergy and a sensitivity? Is it the same as a wheat allergy? Recent research has revealed that it is possible [...]

Neurologic Effects of Celiac Disease in Children

The impact of gluten on someone with Celiac Disease (CD) can be very damaging to the gut--but did you know it can also affect brain function?  It is estimated that 8-10% of people with CD [...]

Untreated Celiac Disease Linked to Higher Reproductive Disorders

Infertility can be caused by several things and medical professionals probably don't think of Celiac Disease (CD) as first cause (though they might start to soon).  Some research is available to support that CD can increase the risk [...]

Prolactin Hormone Levels during Celiac Disease and a Gluten-free Diet

Prolactin is a hormone produced in the body by the pituitary gland.  In women, this hormone increases by 10-20 times during pregnancy and is responsible for producing breast milk.  After birth, levels will stay high [...]

Protein Myth Buster: Not all Protein Powders Contain MSG

What is MSG? Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer and preservative commonly added to canned foods, Chinese food and other processed food products. MSG has been associated with negative health effects, though the research [...]

How Much Protein Do You Need Each & Every Day?

How Much Protein Do You Need Each & Every Day? Every day we need to restart our protein intake but the question is how much do you need each day? The exact number of grams depends [...]

Gluten Free 101: Relieving, Healing, Accommodating & Reducing

Gluten Free 101:  Relieving, Healing, Accommodating & Reducing If you’re one of the 1 in 133 Americans living with Celiac Disease, or the 1 in 6 Americans who are gluten-sensitive, you know the diet that [...]

Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Affects an Estimated 6% of Population

Findings from a study in 2011 reveal that it is possible to be sensitive to gluten and not have Celiac Disease.  While Celiac Disease (CD) affects 1% of the US population, the Center for Celiac [...]